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plugin Insert a link anchor into the page

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With this plugin you can insert a bookmark to your page. The format is


This will insert code

<a name='bookmarkname' id='bookmarkname'></a>

To link to the bookmark from the same page (i.e. to use the bookmark as an anchor link within the page), use this syntax:


Where anchor_text is the text-link your visitors will see.


Install with Plugin Manager

Feature request

Optional Class tag

Suggestion: add an option to specify a class for a bookmark, to provide for easy CSS styling of the anchor_text. For example, <BOOKMARK:bookmarkname:classname|anchor_text> to produce <a name='bookmarkname' id='bookmarkname' class='classname'>anchor text</a>.

Use case: <BOOKMARK:myterm:glossary|expanded term name> so that I could style all the glossary terms.

Allow space and dash in bookmarkname

Suggestion: by allowing the space and dash characters in a bookmarkname, we can then refer to them in a natural way without having to use an alias. For example, [[#Open step]] could refer to <BOOKMARK:open step>. Where currently we would have to write [[#openstep|Open step]] to refer to <BOOKMARK:openstep>.

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