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battlehorse Template

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Tagged with !discontinued, blog, sidebar

Available for adoption

I know that many of you still like this template and I don’t want to see it become obsolete. Do you want to become this template maintainer? Contact me at battlehorse at gmail dot com and let’s organize it!


Green (or blue or plain) look with an action bar with all the available user actions represented by links and icons (new feature: Action bar can be animated with effects). Integrated with , and Google bookmarks. Integrated with navigation sidebar (left or right positioning) and blog plugin for discussion and tags. Multiple color schemes. You can easily customize the look and feel by changing the style.ini file. Configurable via configuration manager.

Download and Install

Use the following URL to download this template:

Refer to template on how to install and use templates in DokuWiki.


  • Layout
    • Renders correctly at every screen size (800×600, 1024×768, 1280×800 and above) and with various font sizes
    • The site remains readable even at screen sizes lower than 800×600
    • Multiple color schemes
    • Two column CSS layout centered in the window
    • small section indention
    • All the look&feel info (images and colors) are collected in the style.ini : easy to implement your own look and feel
  • Integration
    • Tested for use with blog plugin , discussion plugin , tag plugin , task plugin , cloud plugin and gallery plugin.
    • Sidebar like sidebar template – thanks to the Minima template !
    • supports the new media manager
    • template configurable via the DokuWiki configuration manager (new feature)
    • sidebar can be positioned on the left or on the right (new feature)
  • The Action bar
    • An action bar with icons (from the Tango project) under the sidebar for all the site actions: edit, index, old revisions, login and so on …
    • The action bar can have animated menus, thanks to the library. See AnimatedActioBar new feature!
    • User without edit permission for a page won't see page actions button bar – thanks to the Minima template !
    • links and icons in the action bar to submit the current page to , and Google bookmarks !
    • Actions are configurable and can be disabled from the administration area of DokuWiki (for RC users only)(more info here)


Click on the thumbnails for a larger image. The first image represents the default color scheme (green), the second represents an alternate color scheme (ocean blue), while the third represent the plain color scheme, which mimics the original DokuWiki colors.

Every namespace can have its own sidebar which can be used to create a namespace specific menu. Simply add a page called sidebar. If no sidebar is found in the current namespace, the sidebar of the parent namespace will be used. If there is no sidebar page in the namespace hierarchy, the index will be used.

Detailed sidebar usage instructions

In order to use the sidebar you just have to create a page named sidebar for every namespace you want a menu into. Then use normal wiki markup when writing the contents of that page ( use headings, links and so on ).

If a given namespace does not have a sidebar , the sidebar of the parent namespace will be used and so on recursively until the root namespace is reached. If no sidebar is found even there, then the wiki index will be used.

Let's suppose you have the following wiki structure :


start page belongs to the root namespace , page1 namespace. Then create this wikipages :


Now the start page will use the sidebar page as its menu. page1 ,page2 and page3 will use the wiki:sidebar page as their menu ( page3 will inherit it from the above namespace, since no sidebar is defined for wiki:other ) .

Color Schemes

This template supports multiple color schemes and allows you to easily create your custom one. The following color schemes are bundled with the template archive :

  • green (default)
  • ocean blue
  • plain DokuWiki

If you want to create a custom color scheme, simply edit the style.ini file modifying the colors and images to be used within the template. To change the color scheme being used by the template replace the style.ini file with another one among the available ones. For example :

rm style.ini
cp style_blue.ini style.ini

Then clear your browser cache, clear DokuWiki cache by invoking a page with the purge=true URL parameter, and reopen the wiki in your browser.

Animated Action Bar

The action bar collects all the available wiki actions. From release 20061219 of the battlehorse template you can choose among two flavors:

  • plain one
  • animated one

The animated action bar uses the JavaScript library and has been tested with all the browsers supported by the template (IE, Opera, Firefox, Safari).

To enable the animated action bar, go to the DokuWiki admin page, then choose Configuration Settings , then check the enable action palette checkbutton. By modifying the other available options you can choose which parts of the action bar must appear open and which ones closed.

Further info, along with a sample flash video which shows off the animated action bar are available at AnimatedActioBar

Action management

This template supports action management from the administration tools which are shipped with DokuWiki. From any page, perform login then choose admin , configuration settigs , then find the option disable DokuWiki actions.

By choosing any of the checkboxes you can disable the respective action located on the left menu of your DokuWiki pages. If you want to disable the digg , delicious or Google bookmark actions, type this keywords in the other actions text box :

  • digg
  • delicious
  • googlebookmark

You can also disable the search box, which will disappear altogether. Save your changes and you are done.

Use with Discussion, Tag, Cloud, Blog, Task plugin

This template has been tested with the discussion, tag, blog, cloud, task plugins.

Use with Blog plugin

WARNING: the information in this paragraph apply only to the users of the old version of this template, which are compatible with DokuWiki 20060309 and blog .

If you've already installed the blog plugin, it should work right out of the box (no template changes needed).

For example, you can add a discussion section and a comment entry form to any of your pages with the ~~DISCUSSION~~ command. To categorize your pages, use the tag component ({{tag>*}}), etc.

If you don't want to use the blog plugin, open the “main.php” file and look for the sections to be removed (they are well commented).

Sites using this Template


  • 2007-03-23
    • fixed Hash problem (conflict between DokuWiki JavaScript functions and prototype library)
    • now the template is valid XHTML
    • headers does not block background image (transparency issue)
    • tested with Safari / Mac OS X
  • 2006-12-19
    • animated action bar
    • DokuWiki plain color scheme
    • minor look and feel changes
  • 2006-11-15
    • template is now configurable via configuration manager
    • sidebar may be positioned on the left or on the right of the page
    • configurable name for the sidebar pages
    • link to missing wikipages are now rendered with a color different from the one used for existing wikipages
    • bugfix: removed a short open tag. Now all tags are php-standard ones.
    • support for subscribe / unsubscribe actions, which are now shown in the actions menu
  • 2006-11-03
    • added a specific release adapted for the RC version of DokuWiki
    • configurable action bar via the DokuWiki administration tools
    • fixed incorrect rendering when the page is being printed (submitted by Michael Arlt)
    • a workaround to prevent incorrect sizing of the sidebar when long pagenames are present
  • 2006-10-22
    • Support for different color schemes
    • Added the ocean blue color scheme
  • 2006-09-10
    • Initial release


This template has been tested with the following browsers :

  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 (both Windows and Linux) and 3.6.3 (Mac OS X 10.6.3)
  • Opera 9 (both windows and Linux)
  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Safari 2.0.4
  • Konqueror 3.5.7

If you verify this template against a browser which is not in the above list, add it!

Known bugs and issues

  • The template is not completely tableless. I was forced in using tables mainly to overcome some Internet Explorer related rendering problems. I will try to fix the template in the next releases .
  • The template is not designed to use both the breadcrumbs bar and the you-are-here bar . Use only one of these two.
  • The template has not been tested for right-to-left languages.
  • Internet Explorer 6 only: sometimes when using DokuWiki version 20060309 the text in the search results page is not visible. It appears as white on a white background. Scrolling the page usually resolves the problem.

See the bug-tracking page for a full list of open and closed bugs.


  • Thanks to the Minima template author. I have used that template as a starting point for creating this one.
  • Thanks to the Tango project and their icon set. I have used them for the template icons
  • Thanks to everybody who leaves comments on this page, helping me to improve the template :-)


If you would like to collaborate in the development of this template, you can checkout the current working copy from the following subversion repository (if you don't know what subversion is, take a look at Subversion home :

svn checkout

If you want to collaborate on adapting this template to the old version of DokuWiki (version 20060309), checkout the old branch of the template :

svn checkout

Send patches, code contributions and additional color schemes to battlehorse [at] gmail [dot] com . You can take a look at the latest version of the template using the svn web interface .


Is there a way to have a default page for a namespace? When the namespace is selected from the left navigator, the navigator expands, showing the index (which is what I want), but the content area also displays the index (which is what I don't want). I want the content area to show a “welcome page” or “homepage” for that namespace. I'm able to turn off the index from Configuration Manager > Authentication settings > Disable DokuWiki actions > Index, but I can't get a default page to display.

Mark Hicks 2007-01-02 08:26

DokuWiki RC1 (rc2006-09-28) + Battlehorse + Firefox 2.0 RC1 = doesn't work (non-graphical layout, as in text only view)
With Firefox stable it works perfectly, so it may be a Firefox problem…

Venator85 2006-10-02 11:53

Not completely … in layout.css look for this section :

/* ————— status bar —————- */

div.dokuwiki .bar {

height: 24px ; 

then comment it out or delete it. Now the template should work fine in Firefox 2.0RC1. This “hack” is needed to correctly size the bottom bar in Internet Explorer so that its height matches with the height of the image gradient which is used for the background of the bar. If you delete it, the bottom bar will only appear slightly bigger …

Battlehorse 2006-10-02 21:40

The above patch (and another one proposed by D.Luedemann) has been released on the subversion trunk.

Battlehorse 2006-10-03 00:10

Just checking out this template now. While it definitely has that *whoa* effect, the one feature from the default template which is conspicuous by its absence is that links to existing wiki pages are rendered in one colour (default green) while links to non-existing pages are rendered in another colour (default red). In the case of battlehorse (at least when using style_blue.ini), the links are blue and blue, respectively. Is there a way to change/revert this behaviour to that of the default template (even if the links are blue and red, respectively)? I'm rather fond of knowing which links from the current page still need work.

Plug-n-Play 2006-10-03 07:49

The first thing you should do is to modify the style_blue.ini file ( or style_green.ini ) and change the color assigned to the missing property ( to #ff0000 for example ). In this way all your missing links will have a different color. However, once they are clicked for the first time, their “visited” state will turn them back to the default color. To fix this you have to modify the design.css file. Look for this section

/* not existing wikipage */
div.dokuwiki a.wikilink2:link    { color:__missing__; text-decoration:underline }
div.dokuwiki a.wikilink2:visited { color:__visited__; text-decoration:underline }
div.dokuwiki a.wikilink2:hover   { color:__hover__; text-decoration:underline }

and modify it in this way :

/* not existing wikipage */
div.dokuwiki a.wikilink2:link    { color:__missing__; text-decoration:underline }
div.dokuwiki a.wikilink2:visited { color:__missing__; text-decoration:underline }
div.dokuwiki a.wikilink2:hover   { color:__missing__; text-decoration:underline }

I am not at my workstation at the moment, so I am not able to test these suggestions. Let me know if you are still in trouble.

Battlehorse 2006-11-11 19:00

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you on this. I did implement your suggestions (just now), but it appears to have had no effect. Even tried reloading the page (using SeaMonkey).

Plug-n-Play 2007-02-09 01:00

Thanks for the great template :-) Using it for a private wiki so far, so no link to the “wikis using this template”-section from me :-/
Although I haven't experienced any problems i wonder why my pages wont validate at I tried it with your pages too… no luck. Will this cause any problems with other browsers? and will you try to fix it?

Andi 2006-12-11 18:17

Hi Andi, I have checked the w3c validator and it seems that most of the problems come out from the “submit” links (submit to digg, submit to googlebookmark ) which are not properly escaped. I will fix it (although actually I don’t have a lot of spare time ). However, even without validation, the template works with IE, Opera and Firefox (I haven’t yet tried Safari, anyone?) so I think you can use it safely!

Battlehorse 2006-12-15 21:05

Hi, the template looks great and I'd like to use it, but after install on a fresh DokuWiki-2006-11-06 I have a JavaScript error in IE 7.

purplepaisley 2007-01-01 17:32

Could you please send some detailed info about the error to my mail address ? I have tested the template under IE7 but I hadn't found any major problem … thanks .

Battlehorse 2007-01-04 09:05

I emailed a week or so ago with the link to the site/wiki.

purplepaisley 2007-01-16 23:02

Lovely template - well done, Battlehorse.

I have a problem, though - the only actions showing in the sidebar are “old revisions”, “backlinks” and “show pagesource” - no “login” etc., so I can't do anything with my wiki at the moment. (I'm very new to DokuWiki, so I'm not yet familiar with how it all hangs together. Is there a URL I can go directly to to login, or admin, etc.?)

Thanks in advance for your help.

gddik 2007-01-04 17:08

Hi Graham,

To solve your problem, just enter the login page manually:
then the admin area:
then check the box at Template Settings → Battlehorse Template Settings → enable action palette


2007-05-31 18:24 CEST

Beautiful design and lovely icons, I like this template :-)

Meanwhile, I have noticed two bugs: (under Firefox 2.0, Windows XP SP1)

  1. Footnote popups are not displaying.
  2. JavaScript error: “Hash is not a constructor” in /lib/exe/js.php?edit=0&write=1. This error keeps appearing in the JavaScript console (I use Firebug instead) whenever the mouse cursor moves on the page. — Roberto Ciang 2007-01-08 05:06

Thanks for the tips and the compliments (however the icons are not mine but are taken from various projects such as Tango), I think the JavaScript error is the same reported by purplepaisley in the above post. I'll try to fix as soon as I have 5 spare minutes :-)

Battlehorse 2007-01-08 22:30

Thank you! And wish you have more spare time than that… =)

But is the footnote problem caused by this bug too? Have you checked that too? — Roberto Ciang 2007-01-10 02:47

Kee Hincley points out that:

Just a heads-up that the latest version with animation includes the prototype.js library. That library defines the variable Hash,
which (at least in Safari) results in the Hash class in domLib.js being undefined. Watch the JavaScript console to see the (very frequent)
errors. Given the popularity of the Prototype library, I’d recommend renaming the DokuWiki function. Although at some point some
thought might be given to how to prevent namespace collisions like this in the future. Everything is still usable, although I
think it may cause events not to correctly track the mouse position, but it should be fixed.

Battlehorse 2007-05-02 09:30

Two more requests to add to my previous one:

1. Floating background image.

Unfortunately I'm not all that familiar with CSS or the inner workings of DokuWiki's PHP, but check out the floating background image here:

We'd like to achieve that effect, if at all possible. Ideally within the constraints of DokuWiki template design.

2. We've replaced the Battlehorse background image with something else, and the image seems to get chopped up quite a bit more noticeably on our pages by the subheadings than the background image on the Bakunyuu site does by its headings. Meaning, a subheading (H2, H3, etc) creates whitespace across the page which hides the background image. I'm guessing there's something we could tweak in our particular template to eliminate that effect?

Plug-n-Play 2007-02-10 23:15

Sorry Guys, so much Features but no Description how to set a own Logo in the upper right Corner ? No option for that at Admincenter?

Upper right corner? I'm not seeing any logo in the upper right corner of my Battlehorse-themed DokuWiki page. Do you perhaps mean the upper left corner?

Plug-n-Play 2007-02-15 2048

Hi everybody, to change the logo in the upper left corner, it is sufficient to edit the rg_wiki_logo property in the style.ini file which comes with the template and which contains all the available settings (in addition to the ones shown in the Admin Center). In the same file it is possible to change all the graphic elements of the template (such as icons and the lower right background image).

About the background image: yeah, it gets chopped when headings overlap. To fix it you have to change design.css, around line 600, where the definition of the h2 and h3 header lies : look for the comment 'general headlines setup' and change the background-color property from inherit to transparent .

Battlehorse 2007-03-02

I am having trouble with the blog plugin. In general it works, but the stuff like Date, Time, Comments don't get displayed. I guess there's something missing in main.php. How do I find out which version of the template I am using? Or how do I fix that? — Ben 2007-03-02

Hi, are there any requirements to change a style? When I rename style_blue.ini to style.ini, site is still green. Even if I delete style.ini, site is still green. Is there anything I can try?

Milan 2007-03-11

This is generally due to caching on the browser side and/or by DokuWiki. After renaming the style_blue.ini file, try cleaning your browser cache and invoking DokuWiki with the additional URL parameter purge=true ( for example : ) .

Battlehorse 2007-03-15

No effect :-( Even if tried with different browser or different computer ( Do you have any other suggestion? :-\

Milan 2007-03-15

Hmmm… this is quite strange. Could you please send to me by mail a tar file (or zip file) of your DokuWiki installation (such as the one at )? I will try to replicate the problem on my testing site.

Battlehorse 2007-03-15

Hello, I have had the same problem. I have had tried many configuration, but no results… I´m using WindowsXP, and WAMP5 server.

Flavius 2007-03-15

I'm sorry, but I can't replicate the problem. On my testing wiki ( ) I can switch the template colors without problems, doing the following:

  • rm style.ini (or similar Windows command)
  • cp style_blue.ini style.ini (or similar Windows command)
  • clear the browser cache (I have tried both with Firefox and Safari)
  • invoke DokuWiki with the purge=true parameter, as described above, to clear DokuWiki caches

You can also try switching back to the default DokuWiki template, change the style.ini and the switch back to battlehorse template. Let me know if this helps …

Battlehorse 2007-03-23

You can also try switching back to the default DokuWiki template, change the style.ini and the switch back to battlehorse template.
Let me know if this helps …

That one worked for me.

Milan 2007-03-24

Yeah! That´s works! I switch the template to default and come back to battlehorse. Why ??????????

Flavius 2007-04-17

As Ben wrote on 2007-03-02 the Admin-button is not available. Also Comments have disappeared when using the blog plugin. I tried to switch back to default template and clear Blog and Comment using Admin. This did not, however, help much within the otherwise beautiful battlehorse template. It would be a great help if Battlehorse could turn on Admin again.

hjort 2007-03-31

Okay, I'll take a look at the issues with the Blog plugin, I'll let you know ASAP.

Battlehorse 2007-04-02

To hjort and ben : I am trying to replicate the problem with the blog plugin, but it works fine for me (you can check the sample blog I set up at this page . Could you please specify how to replicate the problem (please open a new bug entry at the bug tracking page ).

Battlehorse 2007-04-15

Testing this template & liking it so far.
My problem is that I display some data in tables.
With this template any cells without data do not have boarders.
Anyway to fix this.
Sample My Page


I'm using this template on a private wiki, but there's a problem with the sidebar. If an un-logged in user goes to the front page, the sidebar shows the site index, and I'd like to hide that. I have an actual sidebar.txt file which loads once a person is logged in, but I'd like unlogged in users to get an empty sidebar, or a note telling them to log in. Is that feasible?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found the two lines to uncomment in the sidebar function file. Thanks!

Laurion 2007-05-21

How can I enter the configuration page? I miss a button for this purpose and being a beginner I do not know how to edit things manually. Thanks!

Daniel 2007-05-22

I had this problem when i first installed the theme too.
I think I entered the admin area manually by typing into the address bar.
Replace with your domain of course. Then after changing some of the settings for battlehorse all was well.

Tony 2007-05-23

how can I change the font-size of the words in the sidebar? — Cxie 2007-10-21

I have a page full of external links here. The Battlehorse template has trouble displaying the contents of this page, specifically the external links. The text appears to be white on white. Then when highlighted by the mouse, the text appears. When I switch to monobook template, everything works perfectly.

Mike 2007-11-19

Hi, I have taken a look at the page, but since you're now using monobook, I clearly can't see the issue. I'm not aware of any problem which involves pages full of links ( see for example the list of names which appears at , which is substantially similar to your page ( a list of links )) … can you please send me a screenshot representing the problem ? Even trying the source of your page in my testing wiki does not raise any problem. Thanks.

battlehorse 2007-11-21

Any chance of adding the “Discussion MediaWiki-Style” into the action toolbar for your template? — otu 2007-12-07

Nice. But when I look at sidebar from Minima (same link as top of page) it seems to do an Ajax call when I click on a namespace - but in my Battlehorse implementation, the whole screen reloads. Am I doing something wrong?

symcbean 2008-02-19

Does anybody know how to add an additional image to the upper right corner? I figured out how to change the logo in the upper left corner thanks to Plug-n-Play's comment, but I'm having issues trying to add an additional logo to the right side. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Drunkmonkee6 2008-05-27


I have installed this plugin on my wiki, but I am having a few problems:

  • I can't set up correctly the namespaces adding the sidebar page on my folder pages. It always show my root namespaces, and all sub-namespaces. I have created those files on two sub-namespaces:

:apoio:sidebar :temadigital:sidebar

.. Expecting to have the contents of only this two namespaces, but no luck.

Also, I would like to know how can I change the dimensions of the sidebar menu box, because I have some pages with a large name that are not showing correctly.

Thank you,

Uderman 2008-06-06

Privacy warning: lib/tpl/battlehorse/footer.html seems to hotlink to, which means they'll have your wiki location, page names and personal browse history in the referrer logs. Might be an issue for privacy conscious people or someone running a private wiki.

Heikki Hokkanen 2008/07/19 10:26

There is a problem with the new plugin bureaucracy on non IE explorer. For example in Firefox 3. The size and location of forms are incorrect. They are misplaced. FIXME

Mohammad Rahmani 2009/05/01 18:49

Please update this excellent Template 8-OMohammad Rahmani 2009/05/01 18:52

Great template with brilliant sidebar feature. Found this and decided to use DokuWiki to create my site. It's crying for new maintainer.

Mëa Cúlpa 2009/10/28 22:32

Hi! I want to add Google ads into the battlehorse template in left-side bar. I have installed the Google ads plugin. Please tell me where to insert Google code in the main.php page of battlehorse template.

You don't need ads plugin, just use <html> tag to include your ads code in sidebar page. — Mëa Cúlpa 2010/05/07 12:10

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