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Text Configuration Files Manager

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin Manage your wiki's text configuration files

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This plugin allows wiki administrators to easily alter their text configuration files (conf/*.conf) online from the comfort of their favourite web browser.

It currently supports editing of:

So far it only allows editing of conf/*.local.conf files, since the distribution files (conf/*.conf) are protected from modifications. If you want to be able to modify all values, you may want to rename the distribution files to their local counterpart (e.g. mv conf/mime.conf conf/mime.local.conf).

This plugin is a quick hack from the excellent config plugin from Chris Smith.
Please note that it's also a 1st draft… use with care!


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Plugin sources: zip format (24KB), tar.gz format (11KB),


Revision History

  • 2006-07-04 — Initial release

Known Bugs

Hi! Thank you for a very useful plugin! I found several minor bugs - it creates .local.conf files ignoring DokuWiki file mode settings.

And one more - after you delete some item (by adding empty valued item) the list of all strings still contains the item. Though target file (.local.conf) doesn't contain such string.

Thanks in advance for a bugfix! :))

P.S. I would very appreciate if you add a button “delete” after every deletable item in the list. — Alexander Sorkin aka Kibi, 2006-11-19

To Do

  • Remove cache for pages affected by conf modif
  • Add option to upload smileys and interwiki icons
  • Add option to allow edition of distribution files (non *.local.conf files)


hi thanks for the plugin, works great with my present installation.

Here is a question: How do i get the plugin to recognise and include the 'EXPLAIN' plugin?

Thanks a million.

Rhabdo Sidera

So far it is not possible, It would need a few modifications to the plugin: add a type in the plugins' admin.php file, a new setting class in the config0.class.php file, and a few other tweaks to get the right entry form. I'll try to include it in the next version. If you have anything in the mean time, feel free to add it here. — Stephane

Hi, thanks for the plugin and one question: Is there any way to define acronyms that contain a blank within, i.e. that consist of several words?

Rolf Engel

This is a DokuWiki limitation (see Acronyms), I guess you can overcome this with the explain plugin. — Stephane

Hi, this plugin is a good idea, but I wanted to as if there is a possibility to edit the conf/userstyle.css and conf/userscript.js files via this plugin too. This because currently the only way to edit these files is via remote download→upload (or shell access edit, for those who are fortunate enough). Thanks. — Luis Machuca B. 2009/02/22 19:56

I subscribe to every word of the post, whichever is higher. Yes, editing of these two confs is needed add to this plugin. It is be nice addition. — Plato 2012/07/12
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