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Configuration Manager Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki


plugin Manage your wiki's configuration settings (bundled with DokuWiki)

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The Configuration Manager - Field colors: blue = default, white = local change, light red = protected setting The Config Manager allows wiki administrators to easily alter the wiki configuration settings online from the comfort of their favorite web browser. This plugin manages basic DokuWiki configurations as well as other settings for installed plugins and currently used template.


The Config Manager is accessible from the admin screen (Login as superuser, click “Admin” and choose “Configuration Settings”).

Settings are shown with different backgrounds to highlight their current status.

  • A blue background is used to show default values (conf/dokuwiki.php), eg. values that have not been modified by the user.
  • A white background indicates local changes (conf/local.php).
  • A light red background shows protected settings (conf/local.protected.php) which can not be modified.

Modify settings to your needs and save it by using the Save button at bottom of the page, by pressing 'Enter' in a textbox or by using the accesskey of your browser: <accesskey> + S

How is your config saved

On saving changed settings this plugin will copy the current local settings file (conf/local.php) to conf/local.php.bak and save the updated settings to conf/local.php. It will never make any changes to the default settings stored in conf/dokuwiki.php. However, any settings found in conf/local.php will override the default settings as explained in the configuration options page.

The plugin adds the following lines to the top of conf/local.php when it updates it:

 * DokuWiki's Main Configuration File - Local Settings 
 * Auto-generated by config plugin 
 * Run for user: <username>
 * Date: <current date/time, rfc 2822 format (day, dd MMM YYYY hh:mm:ss TZ)>

Protecting Settings

You can protect certain settings by placing them in conf/local.protected.php (create the file if it doesn't exist).

By default DokuWiki loads its configuration files in the following order:

  1. conf/dokuwiki.php
  2. conf/local.php
  3. conf/local.protected.php

This way, it is ensured that any values previously set from conf/dokuwiki.php and conf/local.php will be overridden by protected values from conf/local.protected.php. Any settings found in conf/local.protected.php will be displayed by the plugin surrounded in light-red to indicate their protected status. Editing of protected values is disabled.

The loading order of configuration files is controlled by the global $config_cascade variable in the DokuWiki release 2009-02-14 and above.


 * Protected settings
 * Do override DokuWiki default settings and local settings from Config Manager
$conf['useacl'] = 1;
For 2008-05-05 release and below

Meanwhile, in the release 2008-05-05 and below this plugin used to add the following line to the bottom of conf/local.php to load protected settings.


File Permissions

To be able to save the configuration data, the file permissions of conf/local.php needs to be writable by the webserver, as well as the configuration directory itself. Refer to permissions on details how set file permissions on various systems.

When the plugin detects that the config file can not be written, it will show a message box at the top of the page that says

“The settings file can not be updated, if this is unintentional, ensure the local settings file name and permissions are correct.”

When this happens, the save button won't be shown.

User Questions

Triangle, Exclamation and Padlock Mark

Some fields in the configuration page show:

  • A yellow warning sign, or
  • An exclamation mark in a red circle, or
  • The drawing of a padlock

These are the meanings of these three simbols:
Yellow Mark ⇒ changing this option may result in undesirable behaviors.
Red circle ⇒ changing this option could make your wiki and the configuration menu inaccessible.
Padlock ⇒ changing this option could present a security risk.

Please, keep attention when you change these fields.

Path Strings

I have an issue with the configuration data of the “source”-plugin that probably affects other plugins with path strings as well: When putting a path string to the “location” field, e.g.


it will be saved like this to the local.php:

$conf['plugin']['source']['location'] = 'E:\\'

With this content the “source”-plugin will work.
Re-opening the configuration manager page the content of the “location” field is auto-filled from the local.php with


Saving now the configuration once more (by only changing any arbitrary other parameter to force saving) the value in the local.php becomes

$conf['plugin']['source']['location'] = '\'E:\\\''

and the “source”-plugin fails. For non-path strings there seems to be no such problem so the issue must be related to this double-backslash. Can you help?
P.S.: Sorry, I couldn't find any other appropriate place to report about this.

There is a link to where to report bugs right at the top of every page here. Googling "DokuWiki bugs" also gives satisfactory results. — Anika HenkeAnika Henke

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