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rack Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

  • 2024-02-06 "Kaos" unknown
  • 2023-04-04 "Jack Jackrum" no
  • 2022-07-31 "Igor" no
  • 2020-07-29 "Hogfather" no

plugin Displays an elevation of a datacenter rack

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Download and Installation

Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Update notes

20120816.1: Make “show CSV” toggleable and a few tiny tweaks.

20120816.0: (1) Added “show CSV” option at the bottom for easy exporting to a spreadsheet. (2) Committed the link improvements suggested by schplurtz below.

20100301.0: Add Josef Fortier's improved link HTML. Also styled the links a bit.

20100118.0: Added a small feature request: you can now express racks that number top-to-bottom by specifying “descending” in the <rack> tag.

20100115.0: Folded in a change introduced by Sylvain Bigonneau: you can now assign links to rack items. Thanks for the contribution! A lot of people have been asking for this.

20090608.0: Renamed the JavaScript function getElementsByClass to rack_getElementsByClass, since the former exists as a part of the base DokuWiki. (Of course, if IE would just support modern CSS, I wouldn't need any JavaScript at all.) Thanks to Christian Marg for spotting this!

20090520.0: Sidestepped frustrating Firefox rendering bug by making the bottom border a whole row. Ugly, I know, but otherwise Firefox will leave little black lines across the rack when you scroll past it (????). Very weird.

20090519.0: Initial release

Submit changes

If you add something useful to the plugin, email me and post a patch or pastebin or something below and I'll see about folding it into the plugin.

Currently not working with the latest stable plugin API :-(

Proposed changes


Changes accepted

Hi, great plugin, thank you. I have a patch that addresses 2 issues (I think).

  1. the current pattern matching system will misinterpret link:whatever as name if there is no name and no color. such as in
    <rack name=A20 height=42>
    12 1 Cableguide link:
  2. Second, the link:somelink can only be an external link. With the recently accepted patch, it is now possible to use such links as link:[[page]], link:[[page|]] or link:[[ns:page|link title]] to point to internal pages.

schplurtz 2011/01/19 11:50

— Edited 2011/01/19 11:50 by Tyler Bletsch to accept this patch

URL Add by Sylvain Bigonneau

I figured I could use a “link” option for this nice plugin, so I made little changes in the syntax.php file. Please contact me for remarks and questions.


<u_bottom> <u_size> <model> [name] [#color] [link:http://url] [comment]

(This feature is now available in the official 20100115.0 release linked at the top of this page. –TKB)

The link now covers the whole cell, so you can now click on the model or hostname. Email.

(Integrated into 20100301.0 –TKB)

Rack syntax

Each rack is enclosed in <rack>...</rack> tags. The rack tag can have the following parameters (all optional):

  • name=<name>: The name of the rack (default: 'Rack')
  • height=<U>: The height of the rack, in U (default: 42)
  • descending: Indicates that the rack is numbered top-to-bottom

Between these tags is a series of lines, each describing a piece of equipment:

<u_bottom> <u_size> <model> [name] [#color] [link:<URL>] [comment]

The fields:

  • <u_bottom>: The starting U of the equipment.
  • <u_size>: The height of the equipment in U.
  • <model>: The model name or other description of the item (e.g. “Cisco 4948” or “Patch panel”). If it has spaces, enclose it in quotes.
  • [name]: Optional. The hostname or other designator of this specific item (e.g. “rtpserver1”). If it has spaces, enclose it in quotes. If you want to specify a comment but no name, use “” as the name.
  • [#color]: Optional. The color of the item is normally automatically picked based on the model, but you can override it by specifying a #RRGGBB HTML color after the model/name.
  • [link:<URL>]: Optional. Optional. The cell will now link to the URL given.
  • [comment]: Optional. After the name (and possibly color), any remaining text on the line is treated as free-form comment. Comments are visible by hovering the mouse over the equipment in the rack. Items with comments are designated with an asterisk * after the model name.

You can also include comment lines starting with a pound sign #.

Here is an example 16U rack and the resulting output:

<rack name=A20 height=16>
# This line is a comment, and will be ignored.

# Here's a 4U server.  We just give the location, size, model, and name:
1 4 "IBM x3950" webserver1

# Here's another server with a comment appended and a link to a web page:
5 4 "HP DL380" webdemo  link:  On loan from Bob.

# There's some empty space in the rack here, but there's no need to make a note of it.

# If the model or name doesn't have any spaces, you can drop the quotes.
# Also, the name field is optional.
12 1 Cableguide

# The color is automatically picked based on the model, unless you override it.  
# This unknown device will be gray by default.
13 1 "Crazytown 9000" crazy1

# To override the color, just specify a #RRGGBB HTML color after the model/name.  We'll make this one yellow:
14 1 "Crazytown 9000" crazy2 #FFFF00 link:

Because doesn't have my plugin installed, this is just an image, not the real thing

If you want to add new auto-coloring options, edit syntax.php and add conditionals to the autoselect_color function.

What if I find this plugin useful? What if I have problems?

Shoot me an email.


The usual: Author assumes no responsibility for this software, use at your own risk. Don't sue me.

BUG! Broken upgrade

If i click on “upgrade” button in plugin manager, this will get reinstalled, but stays listed as “upgradeable”. DokuWiki still thinks that there is upgrade available even when it's the same old version.


You can provide a under the plugin folder (./lib/plugins/rack/)
base   rack
author Tyler Bletsch
date   2012-08-16
name   rack
desc   Displays an elevation of a datacenter rack

Managed to make it work under Release 2022-07-31a "Igor"

Replace line 97 with this:

97 function handle($match, $state, $pos, Doku_Handler $handler){

and replace line 145 with this:

145 function render($mode, Doku_Renderer $renderer, $opt) {

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