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nobadbrowser Plugin

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plugin Displays a warning when the visitor uses a bad web browser.

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Similar to noiewarning

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The nobadbrowser is the spiritual successor to plugin:noiewarning. It shows a special warning when the visitor is using a bad web browser, but this warning is not only limited to Internet Explorer - now it also includes Google Chrome, Chrome expies or “reskins” like Vivaldi por post-Presto Opera, and basically any browser produced by GAFAM / "the Big Five" privacy-invading monopolies.


Install the plugin using the Plugin Manager and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Prerequisites: Pre-release versions required browscap support in PHP. If you are unsure if your current PHP installation supports browscap, you can check the output of phpinfo(). Enabling browscap support in VPS providers that don't have it is outside the scope of this document. It is recommended you upgrade the plugin.


You don't need to do anything else after installing the plugin.

In order to check that it works, you need to visit your dokuwiki installation using a browser recognized as a “bad browser”, or fake one via a mechanism such as an user agent switcher extension.

Configuration and Settings

As of present, no configuration options are available.

For final release it is intended to reuse the config options already available in plugin:noiewarning, meaning it will be possible for the wiki administrator to recommend a good web browser (which by default will be Mozilla Firefox).

Bad Browsers

This plugin warns the visitor about usage of the following browsers, and will offer a redirect to this page where it is explained why these browsers are bad.

Other browsers might be added to the warning list in the future.

At present the plugin only shows basic information about why a browser is dangerous, by linking to this page. This may change in the future if it can be done in a non-invasive way.


This plugin warns against browsers made by Microsoft Corporation; primarily, Internet Explorer or “IE”. IE was the default browser in older versions of Microsoft's “Windows” operating system.

Reasons include:

  • Abuse of advantageous market position (back in its time).
  • Abuse of manufacturer position by tightly integrating the browser into the operating system's internals.
  • Creator was involved in antitrust lawsuits (eg.: United States v. Microsoft Corp.
  • Creator known for scanning and deleting personal files of users in their own machines when Microsoft software is also installed in the system.

See also [#internet_explorer]] below.

Internet Explorer

The plugin warns against Internet Explorer for versions 10 and below. Internet Explorer was the browser included by default in older versions of the MS Windows operating system.

Reasons include:

  • Everything that applies to Microsoft above.
  • Low security and high exploitability (ActiveX, example) in general
  • Bad overall performance
  • Severe lack of standards compliance, for years breaking web sites and forcing providers and developers to use code specifically for this browser
  • As of 2020 too old and superseded by Microsoft Edge (but see google_chrome below!).

Google Inc.

This plugin warns against browsers made by Google; primarily, “Google Chrome” (see google_chrome below) but also all default browsers on the “Android” operating system and ecosystem. In general, this plugin will warn against any browser that is registered as being made by (ie.: having a “browser_maker” of) Google Inc.

Reasons include:

  • Promotion and use of anti-consumer measures (eg.: DRM).
  • Creator was involved in antitrust lawsuits, consumer privacy lawsuits.
  • Abuse of market and manufacturer position to impose an encompassing program to forcibly become the content publishers for third parties (projects AMP and NERA).
  • Abuse of manufacturer position to enforce logging users into the browser's infrastructure when they use online Google products.
  • Sabotaging of their own clients in the web advertising space in order to obtain unrestricted access to their ad inventory and to the mechanisms they themselves used to track their users.
  • Full legal document on the trial demand regarding various of Google's malpractices.
  • Illegal collusion with another anti-consumer megacorp, Facebook/Meta, where they would alter documents to cover for each other if any of them was found out.
  • Intentional crippling of the Android / AOSP ecosystem, taking advantage of their market leadership position to turn smartphones into Big Data surveillance devices.
  • Known to create both hardware ans software that spies on people's homes.
  • Known to deliver private information spied from people's homes and communications to racist or fascist government agencies such as the DHS, ICE and NSA.

See also google_chrome right below.

Google Chrome

The plugin warns against usage of Google Chrome any and all versions. Google Chrome is a Webkit-based browser by Google/Alphabet, one of the megacorps in the world recognized among the most dangerous for user security and privacy.

Reasons include:

The plugin also warns in case the browser is detected to be a “Chrome expy” or “Chrome reskin” - that is, Google Chrome but with some cosmetic touches for branding. Because these touches are limited merely to branding, in as much as the plugin can detect, these browsers are still Google on the inside and thus considered bad or dangerous for the same reasons.

These reskins include browsers such as Opera (see opera_browser below), Microsoft Edge, Avast Secure Browser, Android WebView, Brave Browser, etc.

Opera Browser

The plugin warns against usage of the Opera browser for versions later than (not lower than) 12.

Reasons include:

  • Versions later than 12 (dropping the “Presto” engine) are simply a Google Chrome reskin, subjects to al the other issues of that particular browser (see google_chrome)
  • Owner involved in security breaches and scandals.


Starting Jul 2023, the plugin warns agsinst usage of any browser that is registered as being made by Apple Inc.. This includes Safari (see safari_browser below).

Reasons include:

  • Apple uses walled-garden techniques and special market pricing to keep its userbase hostage in their technology stack (hardware + software).
  • Apple forces all browser makers to use Apple's own backend and rendering for browsers in their ecosystem. This means the entire Apple ecosystem has a single point of failure for both privacy and browser capacity that is not controlled by the end user.

Safari Browser

Starting Nov 2020, the plugin warns against usage of the Safari web browser, and in general against any browser that identifies itself as having been built for Apple Inc.

Reasons include:


Starting Jul 2023, the plugin warns agsinst usage of any browser that is registered as being made by Facebook aka “Meta”. This includes the Facebook app for Android / IOS. The company is added to the blacklist for the purpose of GAFAM completeness.

Reasons include:

  • “They trust me. Dumb fucks”. Direct quote by the company owner.
  • Illegal collusion with another anti-consumer megacorp, Google Inc., where they would alter documents to cover for each other if any of them was found out.
  • Creator admitted to being involved in non-consensual and unethical scientific experiments on its userbase for the purposes of developing an online mechanism for mind control.
  • Creator was involved in, and promoted, the attempted coup-d-etat of the US Government by racist and fascist elements led by Donald Trump.
  • Creator is known to be engaged in below-the-table practices to try and buy out administrators and developers of the competing social platform set “Fediverse”.


Starting Jul 2023, the plugin warns against usage of any browser that is registered as being made by Amazon (company), should any be registered into the browsercap database. The company is added to the blacklist for the purpose of GAFAM completeness.

Reasons include:

  • (pending)


Raise issues or feature requests in the bug tracker. More general discussion can go below ↓.

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