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noiewarning Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki


plugin Displays warning when visitor uses MSIE

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to nobadbrowser

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(See also plugin:nobadbrowser)

NoIEWarning is an adaption of WordPress plugins like Shockingly Big IE Warning, and has the same purpose: display a warning whenever a visitor uses Internet Explorer.

Live demo (visit with IE or fake IE via another browser's capabilities).

Download and Installation

Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


Configuration is available via the Configuration Manager. As of version 0.8 (2017-01-21) the plugin configuration accepts the following directives:

Option Effect
method What Display Method is used to show the warning.
source What Display Source to pick the warning from. Currently unavailable.
better What Alternative Browser is recommended by the wiki installation.
min_ie_version The minimum accepted IE version, for which and above the warning will not be shown.
Currently stays at 999, not accepting any IE version.

Display Method

The plugin can display a warning using one of three (four in the future) display methods. The available options are subsection and notify, with the options note and splash reserved for future use.

The subsection method loads the IE warning and prepends it to the content of the wikipage, right above the first header, stylized according to a stylesheet provided with the plugin. In this form, the warning will always show in line with the template and where possible it will look recognizable.

The notify method loads the IE warning and displays it using DokuWiki's builtin notify capabilities, thus showing in the message area. In this form, warnings use less space and do not affect alternative renderings.

The note method will attempt to load the Note Plugin and display a Warning Notice right before the first header. Of course, this requires that the Note Plugin is installed.

The splash method, not available in this release, will use JavaScript to load the warning into a splash screen which will be displayed to IE visitors for a couple of seconds. The normal rendering and content of the wiki pages will not be affected.

(A crash option like in the original Wordpress plugin will not be provided, due to the remaining surface area of ≤IE6 installations being too small to merit it by this point. Plus, crashing people's browsers is juuuuuuust a bit extreme…)

Display Source

Right now, the plugin picks the warning notice from a series of localized strings at DOKU_PLUGIN/lang/*/lang.php. If a localized notice is not found for the current language, the plugin defaults to English as does the rest of the DokuWiki interface.

In the future, it will be possible to load custom warning notices via the Configuration Manager by indicating the pagename of a wiki page containing the warning; the contents of this page are parsed and passed as the warning without further modification.

Alternative Browser

The plugin offers a facility by which, once it has been determined that the visitor is using Internet Explorer, a better alternative browser will be offered to them. Via the better(-browser) configuration option, the Wiki Administrador can determine which browser is offered to visitors.

The configuration option can be left empty, in which no alternative browser is offered, or can be left as custom, in which the plugin will search for a custom recommendation that the Wiki Administrador sets up as DOKU_CONF/better-browser.txt. Any other predetermined value recommends the indicated browser.

For details on the recommendation file structure and their current rationale, check the official demo page.

Other Details

See This Plugin In Action

To see this plugin in action, visit the Official Demo at my wiki or my plugin testing area while using Internet Explorer (or faking Internet Explorer via another browser's capabilities); you should be shown a warning much like the one in the picture below:

Default view of the NoIEWarning plugin

More Information

For more information on the plugin, such as a changelog, projected features for future releases, the versioning scheme or the configuration for localization strings, check the official demo page above and the plugin's source.


Feel free to :?: ask questions here.

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