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groupmatrix Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin Configurable listing of DokuWiki users and their group memberships

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Similar to groupusers

Tagged with groups, listing, users

A CosmoCode Plugin

This plugin outputs a matrix of members and groups to visualize memberships.


Install the plugin using the Plugin Manager and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Syntax and Usage

The simplest syntax looks like this. It will simply list the members of the given groups and indicate who is member of which group.

---- groupmatrix ----
groups: groupa, groupb, groupc

The result looks like this:

Additionally you can specify which user Attributes you want to see and define labels for the different groups:

---- groupmatrix ----
groups: groupa, groupb, groupc
attributes: name, mail
titles: Read, Write, Approve 

For attributes you can use the following ones by default:

  • user - The login name of the user
  • name - The full name of the user
  • mail - The email address of the user

Your auth backend may provide additional attributes that you can access here (e.g. telephone numbers).

It is possible to customize the labels of the attributes (displayed in the table header) via DokuWiki's localization mechanism. Take a look at the lang.php files included with the plugin for pointers.



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