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Full Index Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki


plugin A replacement for the built in index action

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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Main page — Full Index Plugin at mtBrains (via


  • Assign a unique page title and number to each page and namespace.
  • Sort pages and namespaces by assigned numbers.
  • Shows all pages in expanded view (may be too much for large wikis).
  • Includes a 'level' navigation to show or hide namespaces up to a certain level.
  • Graphics in front of the namespaces are clickable to collapse/expand namespaces.


Full Index has one configuration that can be set in the configuration manager.

Show links as titles or page names.

Page names orders the namespaces as links just like DokuWiki's index function (existing DokuWiki behavior).

Titles displays and orders namespaces and pages based on page number and page title (stored in meta-data).

  • You set the number and title of each page by using the meta plugin. Set 'alternative' meta data for the page title and 'identifier' meta data for the page number.
  • Namespaces pick up the number and page title of the page with the Start page name that is inside the namespace. The namespace link will link to that page (the page will not be listed a second time).
  • If a page named after the 'start page name' does not exist, the namespace is not a link, but you can still collapse and expand that namespace with the disclosure triangle.
  • Sorts the pages and namespaces by the page numbers.

Show/hide navigation

  • The number and names of navigation items is controlled through the lang.php file. Just add or remove more entries of the ['collapse'] array.


I couldn't have done it without the mailing list and especially Chris Smith, Andi Gohr and Ben Coburn.


I am so confused by your documentation here. You say there is one configuration then list three options underneat it. Plus.. what is the variable I need to set in the config file? I kind of would like to know that. — You don't need to change the config file directly. Just use DokuWiki's config manager. The plugin overrides DokuWiki's index functionality as soon as you install it. martin

As of 2007-08-11, if you install this plugin from the plugin manager it will also install an additional plugin named __MACOSX, because such directory exists in the zip file. — Eloi Granado — I'll remove it in the next update martin

After moving my Dokuwiki to another server, I had to remove the plugin, because of fatal errors.
Bernd M. Radowicz 2009/03/08 13:22

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