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clipboardutils Plugin

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plugin Copy text to clipboard by icon, text, ...

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Install the plugin using the Plugin Manager and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


Text with icon (clic the icon copy the text in clipboard) :

<clipb type=ti>Value copied in clipboard</clipb>
<clipb type=texticon>Value copied in clipboard</clipb>
<clipb f=t,i>Value copied in clipboard</clipb>

Some more complex boxes

An email adress clicable : <clipb type=clic></clipb>\\
Several lines copied by icon : <clipb t=i>a simple text
on several lines
just to try</clipb>\\
An icon , the text, an icon, alla clicable : <clipb f=i,c,i>Copier cela dans le presse-papier</clipb>\\


Basic syntax:

<clibp parameters>Text to copy in clipboard</clipb>
  • parameters can be can be a sequence of key value pairs separated by spaces ' ' or semicolons ';'
  • The keys are separated from the values either by ':' or by '='
  • The keys
    • type|t : Type of value to display :
      • text|t : just the text (normally used in compound types)
      • icon|i : a icon clicable
      • clic|c : the text clicable (to copy the text in clipboard)
    • format|f : a list of 'type' separated by comma ',' (ex : format=t,i or f=clic,icon).
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