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bez Plugin

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plugin SQLite based application helping in managing nonconformities and customers complaints

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Syntax, Helper, Action, Render
sqlite, struct

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:!: External requirements: This plugin requires the following additional components that must be installed separately:

Search and install ​the plugin using the Extension ​Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


BEZ stands for “Baza Eliminacji Zagrożeń”. This translates to “Risk Elimination Base”, or in other words “Risk Management System”.


There are two roles in the application: administrators - default DokuWiki administrators (of group “admin”) become BEZ administrators - and users. Administrators can report issues. Every issue has a type (list of types is maintained by administrators) and coordinator (who is one of DokuWiki users). Coordinator of issue has equal permissions as administrator (but only in issue he is assigned to). Any issue can have tasks and causes assigned. Tasks assigned directly to issue becomes correction. Tasks assigned to cause become corrective action and tasks assigned to potential cause becomes preventive action.

Color coding in the Issue Table

In the Issue Table, the color of an issue depends on the color of the tasks in it. If it contains at least one red task, the color is red. If there is no red and at least one task is yellow, the color is yellow. If it lacks red and yellow and at least one task is green, the color is green. If it does not contain any tasks the color is blue. If the problem is closed or added, the color is white.

Color coding:

  • NULL → blue
  • 0 → red
  • 1 → yellow
  • 2 → green
  • 3 → white

Email notifications

Plugin bez informs the users about problems and tasks they have to resolve. The following email notifications are implemented: problems_without_tasks, problems_coming, problems_outdated, tasks_coming, tasks_outdated.

Plugin Syntax

~~BEZNAV~~ adds plugin's menu.

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