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  • 2023-04-04 "Jack Jackrum" yes
  • 2022-07-31 "Igor" yes
  • 2020-07-29 "Hogfather" yes

plugin Let use portion of text that can be hidden/displayed, to ease reading

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:!: I'm looking for a new maintainer!

If you're a user of this plugin, don't worry: I'm still keeping an eye on it, and I'll try to make sure it keeps working fine with future versions of DokuWiki. But my time is now dedicated to other projects so I will likely not add other features.

If you're interested in maintaining this plugin, just send me an email (adress available in the commit log) and I'll make sure to give all the information you will need.


If you ever wonder “should I add this detail since it may be very interesting to some readers, or shouldn't I since it would complicate a first reading?”, then you may be interested in this plugin. Indeed, you'll just have to write

<hidden click here if you want to know more>Since you want to know more, here is an explanation with more details […]</hidden>

and the complicated explanation won't clutter up the page, but will still be readable.

Here is a quick example:

To avoid annoying readers we could have:


But an interested reader may click and get:


How to use it

The simplest way is:

<hidden>Hidden text</hidden>

This will display the default text “Click to display ⇲” when the text is hidden, and “Click to hide ⇱” when it's visible.

Some options may be added inside the opening <hidden> tag:

Option Effect Example
any text use this text instead of the defaults “Click to display” and “Click to hide” <hidden click me!>hidden text</hidden>
onHidden="any text" Display this text when the section is hiddensee below
onVisible="any text" Display this text when the section is unfolded<hidden onHidden="Click to read more" onVisible="Click to see less">Hidden text</hidden>
onExportPdf="any text" Display this text when the page is dw2pdf exported in pdf (defaults to the onVisible text) <hidden onExportPdf="you're reading a pdf, you can't click me">hidden text</hidden>
initialState="visible" The block will initially be expanded. Readers may still click to hide it
-noprint the text “click to display” won't appear on the printed copy
-edit="any text" Add an “edit” button below the hidden section.The text will appear when one let his mouse on the button
-edit Same as above, but a default text is used

Please note that DokuWiki formatting syntax may be used with options like “onHidden”.

Hidden Switch

It's possible to add a button that will hide/display every hidden blocks at once using:



<hiddenSwitch Here comes my custom text>

Therefore, to see it in action, you could create such a page:

<hidden>My first hidden block</hidden>
<hidden>My second hidden block</hidden>


Note: this feature used to be provided by a separate plugin. However, since “hidden v2015-08-12”, they have been merged

Download and Installation

Search and install ​the plugin using the Extension ​Manager. Alternatively, you may download this archive and unpack it in the /lib/plugins directory of your wiki.

Some (important) points

  • If the reader disabled JavaScript, this plugin won't work. More precisely, the full text will be displayed at once. Anyway, it shouldn't be a problem since quite everyone enables JavaScript.
  • If you just installed this plugin and if it doesn't seem to work, try to empty the cache of your browser and the cache of dokuwiki.
  • To use an image in the header, you should use <hidden click here {{image.gif?nolinking}}> (see images for more details).
  • You should avoid to use header inside a hidden section, because there is currently a bug with this case
  • If, after refreshing the cache, the hidden plugin still doesn't work and shows three lines containing the 'click here' text, it may be because another plugin or template is breaking the javascript. You should try to switch back to the default template, deactivate all your other plugins, and re-empty your caches. Then reactivate them one by one until it breaks again, to find the guilty plugin.
  • The default texts (“Click to display” and “Click to hide”) can be changed through DokuWiki admin page, even though the default values for those settings might look weird.

Reporting a bug

Please use the bugtracker to report bugs, rather than using this page.

Some advantages:

  • It's possible to have an actual conversation without overburdening this page
  • It's easier to retrieve information on closed bugs

Since this plugin relies on javascript, if any other plugin (or a non-default template) breaks the javascript, then this “hidden plugin” will give the feeling it doesn't work.

Consequently, before submitting a bug, please try to

  • Deactivate all your other plugins
  • Switch to the default template
  • Empty the cache of DokuWiki and the cache of your browser
  • Check if it still doesn't work.
    • If it's the case, please report it on the bugtracker
    • Otherwise it means that an other plugin (or template) is broken or incompatible. You could reactivate them one by one to find the actual guilty one.

Latest changes


This plugin is provided as a Charityware. It can be downloaded and installed at no charge. If you found it useful and would like to support its development, you may make a donation to a non-profit charitable organization.

To who

The preference goes to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) because the are both protecting biodiversity and fighting climate change effectively.

If it isn't possible, any association acting for the environment would do the trick.


Forwarding me (address available at the top of the page) the confirmation email you send or receive will ensure your kind gesture will motivate me to continue developing this software.

I can't give money

Making sure you have a positive impact would already be awesome:

  • Volunteer to an NGO near you. Give some of your time
  • Ride you bike instead of taking your car
  • Buy local organic food
  • Use a reusable bag and stop using plastic straws
  • Plant trees
  • Take only what you need, not what you can
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