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DokuWiki Leaflet

There’s a draft version for a new leaflet. (31.07.2013)

print and fold

The following leaflet provides all basic information about DokuWiki and is intended to be handed out to interested parties on conferences or business meetings.

The leaflet is designed for A4 paper. When printing, make sure to set “Page Scaling” to “None” in Acrobat Reader. For printing on different paper formats, the source probably needs to be adjusted. See below.

The leaflet is structured into the following sections:

  • General Info and Popularity
  • Easy Editing
  • File System Based
  • Hierarchical Namespaces
  • Open Source
  • Media Files
  • Authentication and Permissions
  • Extensible and Customizable
  • Open Data Exchange
  • Localization
  • Links
  • References
  • DokuWiki Syntax Cheat Sheet


The leaflet was built in Inkscape, but other SVG capable editors should be able to process the file as well.

Download the Source: leaflet.svg

The SVG has three layers called background, page1 and page2. You need to make the page layers visible and export to PDF, then merge the PDF files using an online tool like or Sejda or a desktop (free and open source) application like PDFsam.

PDFs for different paper sizes and languages would be welcome.

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