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[DRAFT] DokuWiki Leaflet v2

What is DokuWiki and what does it do?

DokuWiki is a wiki which you can use to store and organize all kinds of information. It is very easy to install and maintain – much easier than most other wiki software.

A wiki is a piece of software that allows people to collaborate in order to

  • collect information,
  • build a common knowledgebase,
  • help each other,
  • document their work
  • and much more.

With DokuWiki installed on your server, all this can be done with an internet connection and any web browser.

DokuWiki is easy to use and offers helpful tools to write and organize text, insert images, embed videos and upload documents. There can be an unlimited number of pages each of which can be structured into editable sections complete with automatic table of contents and clean styles. DokuWiki comes with full-text search and a built-in mobile layout. In addition, there are many plugins that provide extra functionality should you need it.

How can it be used?

  • Collect and organize information – DokuWiki offers fine tools to write text, structure within on the page, add images, videos or documents and format everything in a clear and structured way. Text is autosaved while editing and different versions of a page can be compared. You can even restor old versions if something got deleted accidentally.
  • Upload and display all kinds of files – DokuWiki can handle all kinds of files such as Word- oder PDF-documents, images, videos and many more. These files are stored in a central place and can be referenced from different pages without duplicating them. The media manager even keeps track of different versions of the same file.
  • Structure content hierarchically – The pages of the wiki can be organized into different folder-like levels (called »namespaces« in wikis). This makes it easy to structure and keep track of complex collections of information. Access to different namespaces can be controlled so that users only can read or edit only what they need to.
  • Allow different levels of access – DokuWiki offers extensive control over who can see and do what in the wiki. Permission to see or edit something can be controlled at different levels: for each individual page, for different namespaces or for the complete wiki. In addition, users can be assigned to groups and access can be controlled for groups as well as for individual users.
  • Extend existing functionality and change the looks – If you need functionality that’s not built into DokuWiki, chances are that a plugin exists that provides the feature you’re looking for. Thanks to its large developer and user community DokuWiki provides many, many plugins ( If you want to change what your wiki looks like you can download additional templates that can easily be installed with just a couple of clicks (
  • Access your information even if things go wrong – DokuWiki stores all information in simple text files. There’s no database like in many other wikis. You can easily backup your wiki by copying all the files to a local hard drive. This means that you can access the contents of your wiki even if your server breaks down.

How much is it?

DokuWiki is free and Open Source software. The code is developed and maintained by a large developer and user community. There are no license costs and no vendor lock-in. You can modify the software as you like under the GNU General Public License Version 2 (GPL).

Where can you get help?

There’s a lively community forum to help you find solutions to challenges and problems. But you can get also professional support from many independent companies. Learn more about support options:

What’s needed to run your own installation of DokuWiki?

  • DokuWiki can be installed on any web server that supports PHP version 5.3 and higher. Learn more details about technical requirements:
  • To use DokuWiki you just need a current web browser such as Firefox or Chrome. Internet Explorer also works but this browser has long had a reputation for being buggy and slow to be updated. Find more information about browsers:


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