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Forgotten Password

:?: I forgot my password. What can I do?

:!: If the admin didn't disable any necessary functions, you can go to the login page and click on “Send new password” (see How to login for more information). If this doesn't work, ask the admin to give you a new password in the UserManager.

:?: But sending a new password doesn't work and I am the admin and cannot access the User Manager. How can I retrieve my password and get back my admin permissions?

:!: You can

  1. register a new user
  2. open conf/local.php
    • change the superuser to your newly registered user
      $conf['superuser'] = 'foo';
    • or if the superuser is a group like
      $conf['superuser'] = '@admin';

      just remember its name

      1. open conf/users.auth.php
      2. search the line that begins with the name of your newly registered user (it should be the last line)
      3. and add the name of the superuser group to the very end of that line, like
  3. then you can login as the new user
  4. change the password of your old user
  5. logout
  6. login again as the old user
  7. and delete the new one again (not necessary, but advisable if you're concerned about security)

:!: Alternative, case 2 ( can't password mail )

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