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What makes DokuWiki so great for Documentation?

Wikis are good for documentation

  • Easy to start: you can share unfinished content early, exposed to many eyes
  • Have a simple, consistent page layout
  • Easy to create and maintain structured, up-to-date documents:
    • collaborative
    • easy to access through the web, with simple login or without any login
    • easy to modify, no need to know HTML
    • easy to link pages
    • easy to create simple and consistent pages
    • easy to search
    • easy to extend with external pages
  • Don't need to go to another colleague or IT dept to update the documentation = low resistance to keeping documentation up to date.

DokuWiki is even better for documentation

  • Easy to modify:
    • section editing
  • Automatic services:
    • future links: links to non-existing pages are red
    • backlinks
    • inner indexing
    • revision handling
    • table of contents for each page
  • Supports multiple ways of including code examples
  • Sophisticated but easily administrated access control through user-friendly ACL and User Management GUI
  • Simple but powerful Configuration Manager interface for control over features of not only DokuWiki core but also most plugins and themes. If you are not a PHP expert or don't have time to waste fiddling with conf – no problem! :-D
  • Datafiles are stored in plain text, so:
    • are readable even if your DokuWiki installation doesn't work anymore
    • easy to back up, through server scripts or FTP/SFTP
    • can easily be read, modified, compared, generated with external (non-wiki) programs
    • and easily moved from one DokuWiki-installation to another
  • All those little gimmicks that make documentation fun: footnotes, abbreviations, syntax highlighting
  • Huge amount of available plugins for your specific needs
  • Maybe more I can't remember ;-)
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