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Media backend


  • Improve code: well structured, good organised, readable, maintainable. OOP, etc
  • Allow plugins to extend the media manager FS#2903
    • Extend the media manager interface from plugins without using JS.
    • Adding rename/move support for (individual) media files in the move plugin or also moving or renaming media namespaces (both is already implemented in the plugin, it just needs a user interface).
    • Furthermore the tag plugin could be extended to support tagging media files (though that also needs FS#474 and a media metadata index).
    • A first step:
      • allowing plugins to add additional tabs to the interface
      • and to wrap the different parts of the interface into events so plugins could add HTML code before or after the different parts
      • or also replace the main part.
    • Add a file info tab 'backlinks' to media manager as it give insight in the file usage FS#2729
    • Add a file insert (options/suggestions) tab to media manager FS#2730
  • Metadata for media files FS#474
    • e.g. tags, author, comments,..
  • Extendable upload form by plugins
    • drag and drop
    • url upload - see also FS#1171
    • copy&paste - see also FS#2865
  • Drag-and-drop of media in texteditor, and let it automatically upload and create the syntax.

Work in progress

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