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Tipps und Tricks

FIXME: Bitte übersetzt und verbessert einfach etwas, wenn ihr Fehler etc. findet. Ich habe das Ganze nur schnell grob übersetzt, damit Leute, die nur Deutsch können, sich hier auch beteiligen können.

Hier werden alle Eure Tipps und Tricks für DokuWiki gesammelt.

Brauchbare Tipps

Link Kurze Beschreibung
TailorWikiRules Vorgehen nach der Installation, Vorbereiten des Betriebs
Syncen mit Unison Zwei Wikis mit Unison synchronisieren
timezone Die Zeitzone des Servers setzen
mailconfig Tipps, damit Mail funktioniert
uploadcodedir Ein Verzeichnis mit Code in das DokuWiki hochladen
commonlogin Login-Daten zwischen mehreren Wikis teilen, die auf demselben Server laufen
Einsatz an Schulen Anleitung zur Verwendung von DokuWiki für Schulprojekte

Browser Probleme

Link Kurze Beschreibung
scrollposition Warum sich Dokuwiki die Scroll-Position beim Firefox nicht merkt
preventing-postdata-has-expired Verhindern von 'POSTDATA has expired' Meldungen

Syntax erweitern

Die meisten dieser Tipps müssen für den neuen Parser angepasst werden und werden nicht einfach so funktionieren. Am Besten implementiert man sie mit Hilfe des neuen plugin Systems. Eine Liste der Plugins, die das neue Plugin-Interface benutzen, gibt es auf der plugin-Seite.

Link Kurze Beschreibung
LatexRender Rendert LaTeX-Fragmente als Bilder, mögliche Alternative zu MathML
Invert Headers Kehrt die Syntax für Überschriften um (z.B.: '=' = H1, '==' = H2, etc)
Tables with Rowspans Unterstützung für Spalten, die Zeilen überbrücken ( rowspans ) in Tabellen mit neuer Syntax.
Innerhalb einer Spalte erstreckt sich eine Zelle über mehrere Zeilen.
Tables with Rowspans (Lexer version) Unterstützung für rowspans in Tabellen, die die Syntac existierender Tabellen nicht beschädigen.
Tables with Rowspan (Lexer version too) Ein weiterer (einfacherer?) Weg um rowspan in Tabellen zu ermöglichen.
Echo PHP variables securely Zeigt vordefinierte Variablen auf Seiten an
Markdown FIXME Fügt Markdown zu DokuWiki hinzu
SVG Support Collaborate on vector images using the SVG format
GraphViz Support Collaborate on graphs; Use Java and Umlgraph
Base links Make normal (non-wiki) Base links to your wiki hierarchy
magnet links Show DC++ magnet links as external

Layout und Styling erweitern

Einige dieser Tipps sind möglicherweise besser mit dem neuen Template-Mechanismus zu implementieren. Schreibt sie ruhig dementsprechend um.

Link Kurze Beschreibung
navigation Add a navigation bar on top of the page-internal table of contents, and add a link to next and previous page.
CustomQuoting Den Zitier-Stil ändern
Hide php Code Hide code in <php>...</php> tags when the user doesn't have permission to edit the page.
format_user Using CN from client certificate when displaying username
Folding Sections Allows sections of text to be folded (shown or hidden by user interaction)
Folding Sections Revisited Eine andere Variante des obigen Tips
Pretty Recent Changes the recently updated page to include day headers Fix for July 1 Revision
Titles in Any Case Remove the restriction that page identifiers must be lowercase
'pre' section with wrap <pre> section with wrapping
namespace toolbar extension Create internal links via toolbar with current namespace included
automatic sidebar Eine sich automatisch aktualisierende Sidebar
include wiki-page in template Include one of your wiki-pages in your template (e.g. an editable part of your template)
Disabling link icons Schaltet Interwiki und Nicht-Wiki Link Icons ab
Descriptions in RSS aggregator Add the beginning of every RSS article in the list
Code CSS CSS for use with Syntax Highlighting
notfound->search small jscript redirects a 404 to the search engine
XHTML Strict Wie man auf XHTML 1.0 Strict gehen kann
two_columns Viel Content in zwei Spalten aufteilen
HierarchicalBreadcrumbs :!: DEPRECATED
Another aproach on breadcrumbs navigation
smiley toolbar :!: DEPRECATED
Add a smiley toolbar
sorttable Tabellen mittels JavaScript sortierfähig machen
image_nolink Make inserted images default to no link
authlink A way to show user which internal link can be visited by the permissions defined in ACL.
Toc use position fixed When the user scrolls the page, the Toc does not scroll with it, the Toc is fixed.
numbered headings Numbered headings per CSS only
back to top back to top before every header

Hinzufügen neuer Funktionen

Link Kurze Beschreibung
Better Email Notifications HTML-formatierte email-Benachrichtigung über Seitenänderungen
getGoogleQuery Configurable Version of the inbuilt search string hilighter
Use Wikiwyg Use Wikiwyg fullscreen editor experimental
IP-based ACLs Assign access rights based on IP or network of the connecting client.
Edit Form Mods Extend the Editform
BrowserLanguageDetection Change the UI language automatically
transliteration Transliterate Cyrillic texts to Latin
namespaceindex Show the index of a namespace when browsing to a namespace
Calendar Add a Calendar to Dokuwiki - should be fixed now for v2005-09-22
PDF Export PDF export using html2ps and pstopdf
View Counter Count Page Views
Print View Button make use of ?do=export_html
tpl_button for print view Adds an tpl_button for print_view
User Link use an extra wiki-page for users
.htaccess authentication Use .htaccess authentication instead of the login form
.htaccess authentication 2 As above with support for UserManager
HTTP-Auth Passthru Adding http-auth-functionality to your existing acl-setup
Chained Authentication Use a sequence of authentication backends (eg ldap then plain )
mail server authentification Use a mail server for authentification (auth_plain enabled at the same time)
Html only view
StickyExportHtml Make do=export_html „sticky“ for html-only browsing
discussion Creates a link or button in your template that leads to a separate discussion-page (like e.g. Wikipedia does provide)
safely include php code Allow PHP code to be included in pages created by superuser only
Manage User Groups Function to allow a user to grant or remove group membership. Not a complete solution [yet].
Page Statistics Add page and media file logging to Dokuwiki
NLS Adding unofficial National Language Support (NLS) for DokuWiki
Pagetemplate Selector :!: DEPRECATED
Select a pagetemplate via dropdown
ResetPassword :!: DEPRECATED
Reset password for a user in auth_plain
AllowUserToSetPassword :!: DEPRECATED
Allows the user to define the password to use for login, instead of receiving it by e-mail.
Manage User Profiles :!: DEPRECATED
Allow logged in users to change their realname, email, and password.
Create a DokuWiki-Calendar
css_jss_cache_backport Backport of the css and js cache feature. It saves 66kbyte of download in each page for version 2006-03-09
Summary Enforcement Require the user to enter a summary (or check minor edit)
homepages Autocreate user homepages when add/modify user accounts
wordcounter Add a wordcounter to the edit form and character counter
Redirect by Config Redirects on sites and namespaces by a conf-file
mediamanager and filesize Append the size of the mediamanager selected file to the wikilink
media_attached media upload is attached to each page
template_chooser A simple dropdown box in editmode allows you to paste content from a template into the current document
login_instead_of_forbidden Show the login form when accessing a restricted page
display_acls Display ACLs in page footer
censure Censure act like a validator for each edition
action_menu Action menu like in MoinMoin Wiki

Integration in andere Software

Content Management Systeme und Foren

Link Kurze Beschreibung
Mambo CMS How to integrate DokuWiki with Mambo CMS (Spanish)
XOOPS CMS A complete integration of DokuWiki with XOOPS for XOOPS 2.2.x and 2.0.x only
Joomla! CMS A complete integration of DokuWiki with Joomla! CMS. (doesn't exist anymore)
OpenWiki DokuWiki as a Joomla Module (doesn't exist anymore)
Joomla Bridge Verbindung zu Joomla Benutzer mit DokuWiki (doesn't exist anymore)
Joomla! JFusion - Dual-Login Komponente mit etlichen Einstellungsmöglichkeiten (doesn't exist anymore)
Drupal Authentication backend will enable your DokuWiki to authenticate using the Drupal database.
Drupal Integrate a Dokuwiki installation into a Drupal front-end. (doesn't exist anymore)
BLOG:CMS BLOG:CMS integrates DokuWiki with Weblog, Forum and Gallery in one package
NucleusCMS NucleusCMS integrates DokuWiki
PHP Fusion CMS The TWB DokuWiki Infusion integrates Dokuwiki into the PHP Fusion CMS. View the demo:
TextMate Bundle Edit pages inside Textmate
Absolut Engine DokuWiki bridging module has been created to allow seamless integration of DokuWiki into Absolut Engine CMS.
Zeroboard XE Authentication backend for Zeroboard XE, one of the famous Korean forum/CMS code.(in Korean) Based on Mohammed Sameer's Drupal authentication backend source code

nur Foren

Link Kurze Beschreibung
vBulletin 3.5.X How to integrate DokuWiki with vBulletin 3.5.X authentication
phpBB How to integrate DokuWiki with phpBBs authentication
phpBB 3.0.X How to integrate DokuWiki with phpBB3s authentication
Use DokuWiki Syntax in phpBB Use DokuWiki Syntax in phpBB (in German)
Invision Power Board IPB 2.x How to integrate Dokuwiki with IPB 2.x authentification
PostNuke A „bridge“ to integrate the look and the user management of PostNuke and DokuWiki. Runs without modifications to DokuWiki files!
XennoBB mysql_authentication XennoBB MySQL Authentication
PunBB (mod) A mod to integrate DokuWiki to PunBB forum (you can see an example at
PunBB (mysql_auth) PunBB MySQL Authentification [fr]
SMF (Simple Machines Forum) Authentication backend using SMF database.
Vanilla Lets Vanilla take care of all the user management, including sessions


Link Kurze Beschreibung
DokuWiki Wordpress Plugin How to add DokuWiki syntax to the Wordpress blogging software
dw2wp A wordpress plugin to integrate content from DokuWiki
dwBliki A Wordpress plugin. Downloadlink to the latest stable version (May 2005)
DokuWiki Markup Plugin Another Plugin for Wordpress
Wordpress (mysql_auth) Wordpress MySQL Authentication Integration
Geeklog Integrate DokuWiki in Geeklog

Bug Tracker

Link Kurze Beschreibung
GForge ein Plugin, um DokuWiki in GForge zu benutzen
Mantis Integration Wie man DokuWiki in Mantis Bugtracker integriert
Flyspray Flyspray Authentication Integration


Link Kurze Beschreibung
Synchronise with Tomboy Wie man Tomboy mit DokuWiki synchronisiert
Integriere DokuWiki in deine Webseite Mit chmod 444 (nur lesen)

Interacting scripts and tools

Link Kurze Beschreibung
DokuWiki Setup Easy/automatic installation/upgrade - also fixing safe-mode issues
Maintenance Cronjobs to keep your wiki clean
Wikemail a script to import email into DokuWiki Dumps some hardware info in DokuWiki format
OpenOffice Macro converts an OpenOffice document to DokuWiki format
OpenOffice v2 Macro converts an OpenOffice document to DokuWiki format, adapted for OOo v2
Calc2Dokuwiki Exports selected ranges of cells from Calc into tables formated in DokuWiki code. Tool available as an extension (OOo 2.1.x) and a macro (OOo 1.x-2.0.x)
Word Macro converts an MS Word document to DokuWiki format
Word Macro adaptation converts an MS Word document to DokuWiki format - improved conversion (for English Word) plus adaptation for German Word
Excel Macro An Excel macro to convert the selected cells into DokuWiki table syntax.
Backup Script A small shellscript to backup your wiki data and media, including rotation.
BackupToS3 A small ruby script to backup your wiki to Amazon's data storage system S3.
UpgradeScript A small script to make DokuWiki updates simpler
HTMLtoWiki How to convert HTML to Dokuwiki syntax
Shorttags :!: DEPRECATED A script to convert short tags to long forms in Dokuwikis source code
Weblog bookmarklet A javascript/php combination to post in Dokuwiki like regular weblogs
adduser.php A small php script to easily add/update users accounts in the wiki from the command line
imap2wiki A small php script to give users the opportunity to post by email
DokuVimKi VIM Plugin that allows editing of wiki pages over XML-RPC + Syntax highlighting for DokuWiki syntax
vimkeys Key Bindings for [G]Vim
fixperms.php make webserver created files writable by everyone
csv2dwt A script that converts Comma Separated Values (CSV) to DokuWiki's Table format (DWT)
xls2wiki A script that converts XLS copied data to DokuWiki's Table format (DWT) and vice versa
mail2page create pages and upload media by email
romanize romanize files in datadir
DokuWiki2HtmlHelp Converts a DokuWiki website into a Compiled Html Help file (.chm) complete with table of contents and index
jEdit An edit mode for jEdit that does syntax highlighting for headlines, character formats, lists and links
tofromdoku A Dokuwiki command line utility
recreate wiki change log How to recreate your wiki change log from individual page change logs

Importieren aus anderen Wikis

Quell-Wiki Beschreibung
TWiki to DokuWiki Conversion ein TWiki zu DokuWiki Konvertierungs-Script
Perspective ein Python-Script, muss unter Windows ausgeführt werden
Moin Moin ein PHP-Script für Moin Moin
Wakka Wiki ein Perl-Script für Wakka Wiki
Mediawiki to Dokuwiki Converter Konvertiert MediaWiki zu DokuWiki
Zwiki ein Perl-Script für Zwiki
chuwiki ein Python-Script für chuwiki

Migrated pages

FIXME: bitte kategorisiert und beschreibt diese Tabelle!

Quell-Wiki Beschreibung
Adding absolute links Adding absolute links
Adding absolute media Adding absolute media
Displaying blank rows in tables Displaying blank rows in tables
Howto rename pages Wie man Seiten umbenennt
Local links with icons Lokale Links mit Icons
Make a dokuwiki index einen DokuWiki Index erstellen
Namespaces namespaces
Relative links Relative Links
Tight code boxes Tight code boxes
User Auth: setting password User Auth: setting password
Who is contributing most Wer hat die meisten Beiträge
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