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Chained Auth Backend

A new refactored version of this backend is available here

Note that configuration has changed. If you are looking for the old code, then it should be available via the “old revisions” button

Old discussion left below.

Grant Gardner 2008/12/16 11:53

Old Discussion

A post and feature request→implemented in ggauth on the mailing list suggested chained auth might be useful, especially if there are segregated user groups, e.g. internal to a campus who might be in an LDAP directory plus a select set of external users managed in a DokuWiki auth.users file.

I can confirm that it also works in the combination MySQL, plain.

A Loonstra 2008-04-18 12:24

I can confirm that it works in the combination LDAP:plain.

Thomas Poindessous 2008-08-22 16:48

For me, LDAP:plain doesn't work, because I use the email for login and plain backend “sanitizes” the login


It doesn't work for DokuWiki-2008-05-05 : plain auth and LDAP auth work separately, but not LDAP:plain with chained auth.

Pierre Maurice 2008-09-03

Hmmm - no problem getting LDAP:plain to work with DokuWiki-2008-05-05 - just something I found that might be of importance: it seems that plain authorization adds the default group for every LDAP user, so the ACLs should respect that every successfully authenticated LDAP user is part of the default group - i.e. “user”. So be sure to do a “?do=check” to list the groups you are authenticated as.

Christian Marg 2008/09/22 12:10

I also can't get ldap:plain to work in DokuWiki-2008-05-05. LDAP works by itself, and plain too, but not chained.

Francois Malric 2008/09/22 9:35

2008/10/10 DokuWiki-2008-05-05: works great for me with LDAP:plain. Thanks for this very useful tip!
Etienne M.
2008/10/10 DokuWiki-2008-05-05: I've made some modifications to the usermanager plugin so that you can easily manage each authentication methods.
See this page.
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