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The download archive contains two PHP files which need to be placed in the inc and bin directory. The bin/mail2page.php is a commandline script which accepts a MIME encoded mail on STDIN. The first inline plain/text part will be used to create or update the page given in the subject line of the mail. Attached files will be uploaded as media files (if mime.conf allows).

The script can be tied to a fixed mail address to submit new wiki pages or images by email. Feedback is mailed back to the Reply-To or From address of the submit mail.

:!: Note: The script does not check any authentication. The only security is the secrecy of the used e-mail address!

Attachments will keep their filenames (cleaned to valid IDs) and are uploaded to the same namespace as the created page.

The script uses the MIME E-Mail message parser by Manuel Lemos.

Download: mail2page.tgz (last update at 2007-03-15)

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