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Migration from MoinMoin to DokuWiki

Code written in Python/PHP that can do full conversion: all pages and their history, including edit log. Also copies attachments.

Checkout files from and run:

  • ./ -a -d <DokuWiki installation dir>

Consult README for details.

NB: The project is no longer maintained (as I got my wiki converted), but it may work for you (at least better starting point than I had), feel free to send Pull-Requests. — glen 2015-04-08 16:06

Other and older versions

You can dig the older versions or older variants from old page revision if really needed.


Why did you switch from MoinMoin to DokuWiki? Just curious, I'm debating between the two and MoinMoin's WYSIWYG editor is very nice, and big sites like and are using MoinMoin. - posted on 1/16/2006
Because MoinMoin is not as stable as it looks like? You know the Ubuntuusers Wiki-case? - posted on 04/26/2007
Has anyone used this successfully to convert from MoinMoin 1.9.*?
I needed to migrate, because I am upgrading my servers from Debian-buster to Debian-bookworm.
I tried to modify moin2doku to use it with MoinMoin 1.9, but I was not able, because there have been to many changes in MoinMoin. But I found a workaround. I have installed a migration-KVM with:
* Debian-stretch from
I have manually added the following software
* python 2.5.6 from
* MoinMoin 1.5.9 from
* DokuWiki 2017-02-19e from
I was able to copy my Debian-buster MoinMoin 1.9 data to this migration-KVM and convert it with moin2doku and after that copy it to my Debian-bookworm dokuwiki 0.0.20220731.a-2. But I had to make some »changes in moin2doku. I remember:
* doku.php: deleted line require_once DOKU_INC.'inc/cliopts.php';
* and added line from __future__ import with_statement
Thank You very much for moin2doku
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