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Transliteration of non latin texts

If you would like to convert UTF-8 cyrillic to readable latin, you can dynamically transliterate the content of the <div class="dokuwiki">.

To do so, change the following things:

  • Create a javascript file with the following content and put it in /lib/scripts/translit.js
/* original javascript by Eugene Spearance ( */
function translit()
var rusChars = new Array('Щ','Ё','Ж','Ч','Ш','Э','Ю','Я','А','Б','В','Г','Д','Е','З','И','Й','К','Л','М','Н','О','П','Р','С','Т','У','Ф','Х','Ц','Ъ','Ы','Ь','щ','ё','ж','ч','ш','э','ю','я','а','б','в','г','д','е','з','и','й','к','л','м','н','о','п','р','с','т','у','ф','х','ц','ъ','ы','Ь');
var transChars = new 

function convert(from){
	var to = new String();
	var len = from.length;
	var character, isRus;
	for(i=0; i < len; i++){
		character = from.charAt(i,1);
		isRus = false;
		for(j=0; j < rusChars.length; j++){
			if(character == rusChars[j]){
			isRus = true;
		to += (isRus) ? transChars[j] : character;

  • Change the <div class="dokuwiki"> in /lib/tpl/default/main.php to <div class="dokuwiki" id="dokuwiki">
  • Add a <a onclick="translit()" >Translit</a> somewhere in the template at the location that you like.


  • Add the following lines in /inc/template.php in the section where the default JavaScript files are loaded:
  ptln('<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="'.

Please note that this is client-side javascript, and that your browser might take some time/resources to process it. Of course server-side transliteration would be better…

If you would like to use this for transliteration of non cyrillic (other UTF-8 characters, it is easy to get the strings in UTF-8 by just putting them in a page, and then take a look at the raw file in the /data/pages/ directory.

Alternatively you may use an online UTF-8 encoder like this online translit converter.


People that use this tip, could you please provide feedback? Thanks, Riny

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