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How to align a <button> element?

How to align a <button> element inside a <fieldset> with CSS? (E.g. you use the bureaucracy plugin.)

One way is to set the CSS property “text-align” of a tag which wraps the button tag:

.dokuwiki form.bureaucracy__plugin fieldset {
   text-align: center;

But this solution takes effect to other inline elements inside the fieldset (e.g. text) too. :-(

An alternative without side-effects on other elements and with more flexibility is to redefine <button> to a block element 1) und than you can apply the margin property. The following CSS rule centered only the button and nothing else:

.dokuwiki form.bureaucracy__plugin button {
    display = block;
    margin = auto;
By default the display-property of a button tag is 'inline'.
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