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Made a book with DokuWiki

:!: This page is a WORK IN PROGRESS! If you feel you can add to it please improve it wherever you see fit! :!:

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Although make a book isn't the main purpose of DokuWiki, there are some plugins available, which can turn DokuWiki into a platform to create books.

This page describes the steps necessary to get you started making books in DokuWiki. It also provides useful tips and hints about possible caveats.

Required Plugins

First of all you have to install a set of plugins. The basic setup consists of the bookcreator and the dw2pdf plugins, which represent the minimal install.

Guidelines and Use case study

I plan to use Dokuwiki to produce book from a multilingual wiki. Any insight, case study or advice from the community is welcomed. I am already looking to plugins like bookcreator, dw2pdf and epub but I am more interested in implementation details on a real use case. Thanks. — typometre 2019-04-03 00:42

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