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removeold Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

2013-12-08 Binky, 2014-09-29 Hrun

plugin To simply remove outdated DokuWiki system files

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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removeold Plugin An up-to-date DokuWiki installation should not have any unused or outdated files from previous installations. This admin-plugin will delete these outdated files.


Login with your admin credentials and open the admin panel. There you will find within the section Additional Plugins a link to open the UI of this plugin (Remove outdated files). Beside a small description a set of controls is provided.

The textarea control is prefilled due to the valid file for your DokuWiki version is provided within the data folder (deleted.files). The same list for the latest DokuWiki release is provided by the core developers at Upgrade - Files to remove. You may simply copy this list and paste it into the plugin textarea to overwrite the given values.

Simulate only (dry run)
This switch is turned on by default. It is to be used to check your system against the files provided within the textarea. The plugin does not take over any guarantee if the listed files are really obsolete. With option dry run it will check which of them are existent and accessible. The result will be displayed as a list of the files and a short text below the textarea input control (except the Show summary only! option is turned on). It is recommended to run a simulation first.

To really delete the files, switch off the simulation option and press Start. But first Make a full backup of your wiki (better safe than sorry).

Summary only
For quick checks especially on simulation it may be of interest to get just a brief overview about the result to be expected. To do so switch on the Summary only! option. This option can also be used on actual execution. It will suppress the detailed list of files and results. Instead, the output will be shrunk to something similar to:

Following values may be given as result:

Text Meaning
File not found The file does not exist on your system at the given path.
Files deleted Simulation: You have proper rights to delete this file

Execution: You switched off the simulation option. That means your files are really deleted now.
! ERROR ! Simulation: You have no proper rights to delete this file or the file is inaccessible for another reason.

Execution: A php-warning will be displayed and provides more information about the failure root cause (e.g. Permission denied). The files will still be existent.

Example for a Warning on Simulation (Summary switched off!):

Example for a Warning on Execution (Summary switched off!):

The plugin does provide also a logging of information about deleted files and files, which were not deleted due to an error (most probably due to file permission problem). The logfile is stored to data/tmp/removeold.log. Each execution will add the results to the file. Usually the feature is used once per DokuWiki release and will not lead into significant space consumption on your server.

The following example illustrates the content.

[25/Apr/2012 17:21:22]	Files deleted		lib/_fla/.htaccess
[25/Apr/2012 17:21:23]	Files deleted		lib/_fla/
[25/Apr/2012 17:21:23]	Files deleted		lib/_fla/README
[25/Apr/2012 17:21:23]	Files deleted		lib/_fla/index.html
[25/Apr/2012 17:21:23]	Files deleted		lib/_fla/multipleUpload.fla
[25/Apr/2012 17:21:23]	Files deleted		lib/exe/multipleUpload.swf


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Version / Requirements

There should be no dependencies to the DokuWiki release.

Development History

Please visit → Development History FIXME where you will find a chronological list of changes.

Recent Changes


Please use only the DokuWiki Forum for discussion and the plugin related Issue Tracker FIXME page (or even git) to raise issues.


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