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mundart Plugin

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plugin Apply German mundarts to your (X)HTML Output. Only interesting for German wiki installations.

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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This is a plugin for German DokuWiki installations. You can apply one of various dialects.

The plugin will of course work with non-German wikis (you can't break anything) but its quite useless (except for Leet-Speak, but that's useless, too).

Included dialects are:

As this plugin is a render plugin, the source code of the page will not be touched. Only the presentation of the page will be changed.

The plugin is inspired by the Talk like a Pirate Plugin and uses the plugin as a template, so that not everything has to be written from scratch.


Normal Text:

DokuWiki ist eine freie Wiki-Software, die anfangs zur einfachen Dokumentation von Projekten gedacht war und mittlerweile
für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen eingesetzt wird.


DokuWigi ischd ene freie Wigi-Sofdwere, de anfangs zur enfachn Dokumndadsion von Brojegdn gedacht wer unn midtlerweile für ene Vielzahl
von Anwndungn engesedzt wird.

Swabian Text:

DokuWiggi ischd oie freie Wiggi-Sofdware, d anfangs zur oifacha Dokumendazio vo Projekda gedachd war un mittlerweile für oie Vielzahl
vo Anwendunga oigesetzd wird.

Ghetto Text:

DokuWiki ist ain frai Wiki-Softwar, di anfangs zur ainfachn Dokumentation von Projekdn gedacht war und middlerwail für ain Vielzahl
von Anwendungn aingesetzt wird.


D0|<UW1|<1 1$7 31|\|3 P|-|r313 W1|<1-S0P|-|7\/\/4r3, D13 4|\|P|-|4|\|9$ ZUr 31|\|P|-|4(|-|3|\| D0|<U/\/\3|\|74710|\| \/0|\| Pr0j3|<73|\| 93D4(|-|7 \/\/4r
U|\|D /\/\177L3r\/\/31L3 P|-|ür 31|\|3 V13LZ4|-|L \/0|\| A|\|\/\/3|\|DU|\|93|\| 31|\|93$37Z7 \/\/1rD.

Download and Installation

  • Extract to lib/plugins/.
  • Log-in as administrator.
  • Change the option render_xhtml to mundart (alternativly you can edit conf/local.php)
  • Change the options according to your needs.

Options & Settings

You can edit some stuff via the backend.

  • mundart_type You can select your desired dialect here.
  • mundart_alwayson Check if you want to turn the plugin On.
  • mundart_headeron Check if you want to have a message on Top of every page, so that your customers are not confused.
  • mundart_timer You can activate the plugin for special days, and disable it for the rest of the time. Format is MM-DD (multiple values with ;).

So if you want to have the plugin activated on Christmas and New Year, but disabled for the rest of the time:

  • mundart_alwayson Off
  • mundart_timer 12-24;01-01
  • mundart_alwayson Off


The translation is far from perfect and need some improvements. Nevertheless, it's working and it's really funny to read the wiki pages with a dialect.

Maybe someone wants to do some dialects for English wikis?

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