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lytebox Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki


plugin Affiche les images avec lytebox / Displays images using lytebox

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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  • Displays images using lytebox.
  • A link into lytebox sends to the details page of the image.


  • Works well for me with DokuWiki 2009-12-25 “Lemming” and the arctic template (not tested with other versions nor templates).
  • All the images of the page are put in the same image set (to navigate from the lytebox).
  • The lytebox version embedded into the plugin is has been a little bit modified. You can get the original version from (and see lytebox in action).
  • The external images are not displayed using lytebox (since v2010-04-08).


  • The images in a page.

  • A click on the first image opens it in lytebox. It is possible to browse all the images.

  • A click on the link inside the lytebox opens the details page of the image.

Version history

  • 2010-03-02: first one!
  • 2010-04-02: restore image links behavior (thanks to Carl for reporting this issue).
  • 2010-04-08: now also works with external images.


Breaks image links when active. — greenseeker 2010/03/31 20:54

I'm going to have a look at this issue. Thanks for reporting it!
Fixed in v2010-04-02
Just upgraded to v2010-04-08 and now plugin doesn't work at all. Installing and enabling the plugin makes no perceivable difference in the pages, though I can see the css and javascript referenced in the code. — greenseeker 2010/04/22 21:24

Is there any syntax involved in displaying external images? I have the plugin installed but can't get it to work.

If you installed v2010-04-08, there is normally nothing to do, the plugin automatically handles the external images. Are you using this syntax: {{|external image example}}?
I do have 2010-04-08 installed and yes, that is the syntax I'm using. I am testing this on a local installation.
What are the symptoms when you click on an external image link? Does it open lytebox empty or does it open the image in a new window or does it do nothing at all?
It opens the image in a new page with the image and image info.

check this: if (strpos(strtolower($matches[1]),“/_detail/”)!==false) $type=“int”; else if (strpos(strtolower($matches[1]),“/lib/exe/fetch.php”)!==false) $type=“ext”;

if strpos===0 then if retuns false ;)

Breaks image upload with 2012-01-25 “Angua” — guillaume [dot] cassonnet [at] inria [dot] fr 2012/02/23 10:40

Will have a look at this issu as soon as possible. Thanks for reporting it.
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