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Dokukiwix Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

2006-11-06, not tested on newer releases

plugin Generates a static HTML, offline browseable version of your Wiki


Similar to offline, siteexport

Tagged with export, html

Details and Download


The change from offlineVersionPath to archivePath is required for version 0.3 to work, otherwise the images are saved in the images directory of the plugin
instead of the archive. Also it only successfully retrieves the images if the cache has to be refreshed, hence the instruction to set the cache time
to 1 before running it.
Is there any way to fix the plugin so that images will be retrieved without the cache refresh? Since it works by intercepting the wl and ml functions
I have no idea if its possible.
Also is there any way this plugin can be modified to work outside of a browser? E.g. from cron job…

After making the changes described below the plugin works fine on MacOSX. It does not work with the Safari browser however, recent versions of Firefox on MacOSX seem to work just fine for creating the archive. Once the archive is created that works fine with Safari.

There is a Bug in ajax_createLock
date('Y-m-d_H:i') cause problems because of the “:” character. Windows based systems not allow “:” in filenames.
Better use date('Y-m-d_H-i')

I've noticed a cache problem with this plugin, and the later release of DokuWiki
the internal links are not replaced properly in the HTML export, unless the cachetime is set to 1 second
$conf['cachetime'] = 1;
within conf/dokuwiki.php
a more ideal solution I think would be to add
if(defined(“dokukiwix_plugin”)) clearstatcache();
somewhere in the plugin, to erase the cache, or somehow set “nocache” for the pages, but I'm not sure where / how

Does not work with Firefox 2, IE 7 is ok.

Internet Explorer 8 does not work without “compatibility view”.

Error: plugin_dokukiwix_toggle_startpause is not defined
Source File: http://yoursite/wiki/doku.php/start?do=admin&page=dokukiwix
Line: 1

Version 0.4 Issue
- does not work with Firefox 3

Error: plugin_dokukiwix_toggle_startpause is not defined
Source File: http://yoursite/wiki/doku.php/start?do=admin&page=dokukiwix
Line: 1

Note: I had to turn off nice URLs to make it work local on a Windows XP, FF system —rd

I've made following changes to version 0.3 to get it running on WindowsXP: (can't find version 0.4 for download)
Environment: Abyss Webserver X1 (v 2.5), PHP 5.2.2, DokuWiki-2008-05-05, Firefox 3.0.1

  • Install plugin as described here
  • change ajax.php
#file: lib\plugins\dokukiwix\ajax.php: (see above, no colon allowed in windows filenames)\\
org: 109           fwrite($dokukiwix_fp, date('Y-m-d_H:i'));\\
new: 109           fwrite($dokukiwix_fp, date('Y-m-d_H_i'));\\
  • change common.php ( add line 16 and 17 )
# file: lib\plugins\dokukiwix\common.php
org: 15            global $offlineVersionPath;
new: 15            global $offlineVersionPath;
     16            global $archivePath;
     17            $offlineVersionPath=$archivePath;
  • within DokuWiki admins-section set “cachetime=1” and “userewrite=none”. I've not tested, if these settings are necessary.

this plug-in do not generate correct links if you are in a directory and the link point out of that.

For example you have the following structure:


if in mydoc.txt there is a link [:start.txt], than the program generate the page:
and not

Information for Russian users of dokukiwix. На моей вики названия страниц естественно на русском языке. Если не включить полную транслитерацию в Настройках Вики (настройки отображения), то dokukiwix генерирует ссылки в виде htmlspecialchars (типа %D0%B0%D1%80%D0%BC.txt), а файлы сохраняются (DokuWiki установлена на сервере под Windows Server 2003) с совсем другими искаженными именами. Короче - включайте транслитерацию названий страниц. Если кто знает более лучшее решение – напишите пожалуйста.

With DokuWiki 2009-02-14, on a local Windows server, with Firefox 3 or MSIE6, Dokukiwix “hangs” when loading the Dokukiwix administration page. Pressing the “go” button has no effect. No pages are generated in the /archive folder. I followed the instructions: I used the offline:plugin, modified <dokuwiki_root>/inc/common.php properly. Rolf Hemmerling 2010/01/02 10:53

Wrong paths of latex plugin images in static HTML-Version

The Dokukiwix-plugin (Vers. 0.3) set the paths for images of the latex plugin in the static html-files wrongly. One can solve this inside a BASH-console (e.g. under Linux) using this:

find . -name "*.html" -exec sed -i 's!/dokuwiki/lib/exe/fetch.php?cache=&amp;media=latex%3A!./../../images/latex/!g' {}  \;
  • find . -name “*.html”: search in the current directory and all subdirectories for HTML-files
  • -exec sed -i 's: execute for all HTML-files “sed”, which substitute “/dokuwiki/lib/exe/fetch.php?cache=&amp;media=latex%3A” with “./../../images/latex/” into the existing HTML-files (“-i”)
  • {} is wild card for the current HTML-file

Make sure that the content of data/media/latex is in the images/latex directory. krause 2010/02/19 15:39

with Debian Squeeze

in ajax.php change:

if(!defined('DOKU_INC')) define('DOKU_INC',realpath(dirname(__FILE__).'/../../../').'/');


if(!defined('DOKU_INC')) define('DOKU_INC','/usr/share/dokuwiki/');

Where can I save the archive?

A better solution to generate the static site in was dokuwiki/data/media/dokukiwix-backups i.e, but why??

  1. Permissions by namespace. If you create the backup on /lib/plugins/dokukiwix/archive, everyone could see the code (if you don't put a .htaccess file there)
  2. Dokuwiki farm. If you have a dokuwiki farm, maybe this arch shares plugins for all the wikis in the farm, and this is a problem due to every user could see your 'not so closed' wiki.
  3. We could generate a compressed file (TAR.GZ, ZIP, RAR) to download by media manager in the dokukiwix-backups namespace.

What do you think?

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