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Configuration for authMySQL Auth plugin to authenticate with Phorum, which let's do:

  • Only basic authentication
  • No user modification/adding. Users accounts can be created and maintained through Phorum.

Tested on Phorum version 5.1.24b and DokuWiki version 2007-06-26b.
Update on 2008/12/07: works fine with Phorum 5.2.8 and DokuWiki 2008-05-05.

Do not forget to either create a “user” group in Phorum, or to add the name of the Phorum user group in the conf/acl.auth.php file.


Use the Config Manager or add it to the conf/local.protected.php to store the config protected.

Eventually, change the table prefix in the queries below (here it is phorum5).

FIXME can MD5 be replaced by DokuWiki methods? is forwardClearPass needed? is this complete??

 * Phorum configuration for MySQL Auth Plugin
 * See for explanation
// Activate MySQL auth plugin
$conf['authtype'] = "mysql";
$conf['plugin']['authmysql']['checkPass'] =
    "SELECT password AS pass
    FROM phorum5_users
    WHERE username='%{user}'
    AND password=MD5('%{pass}')";
$conf['plugin']['authmysql']['getUserInfo'] =
    "SELECT password AS pass, username AS name, email AS mail
    FROM phorum5_users
    WHERE username='%{user}'";
$conf['plugin']['authmysql']['getGroups'] =
    "SELECT name AS `group`
    FROM phorum5_groups g, phorum5_users u, phorum5_user_group_xref ug
    WHERE u.user_id = ug.user_id
    AND g.group_id = ug.group_id
    AND u.username='%{user}'
    AND ug.status='1'";

Yann Cochard 2007-11-22 22:22

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