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Dusk Tactics

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Project Management, Documentation, Game Manual, CMS, Development Log

Dusk Tactics (name subject to change) is an ongoing project to create a turn based strategy game for PC and ultimately Android handheld devices. The game itself is coded in Java and is the second major game creation I am currently undertaking. I decided that this time around I wanted to focus more on the development process by building a website that I could use to literally write my ideas down in real time and get back to programming.

I decided to use a wiki based website due to the great organization of data and ease of updating pages. Since this is a project that I am currently working on by myself, the more time I spend on the actual game programming the better. I am very familiar with MediaWiki and have used it on multiple sites, however I am not a fan of it's initial interface and I didn't require the majority of features it provides. This is when I found DokuWiki.

DokuWiki was the perfect choice for my project management for many reasons. It's beautiful use of HTML5, CSS3, and AJAX out of the box allowed me to get right to adding information rather than wasting time designing a website layout. A lot of project management websites use a very basic no frills design that explains the bare minimum about the project and is often hard to navigate not to mention unattractive to the average user. With DokuWiki I can create a management website and at the same time have it look good enough to act as a front end for the game's web presence and game guide.

I've added minor customizations to my DokuWiki such as an icon based menu across the top and various plugins found in the massive plugin repository. The code itself is very easy to navigate and edit which is a huge plus since the website is not my main priority.

Also, after reading about other sites in the DokuInstall namespace I came upon Island Forge, another Java Game using DokuWiki, and read about what he's doing to actually pull information from the DokuWiki files into the game itself. This is pretty awesome and will definitely be something I'll look into.

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