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DokuWiki Tagline Ideas

  • Simple and powerful document creation
  • Simple. Powerful. Document Creation.
  • Simple. Powerful. Collaborative Document Creation.
  • Dokuwiki: We're the other guys
  • Dokuwiki: good things come in small packages
  • All purpose wiki software, and so much more
  • From simple to advanced, Dokuwiki gives you your chance
  • We love Dokuwiki, and hope you do too
  • Dokuwiki: What's not to love?
  • Your all purpose wiki
  • THE all purpose wiki
  • Make it what you want it to be
  • Everything you want it to be
  • Simple. Powerful. Cute as a button.
  • Documentation Automation
  • The Keep It Simple Wiki
  • Swiss Knife Wiki
  • It's better when it's simple
  • Focus on your creativity
  • Reclaim your daily wiki
  • You'd better try it
  • The Simple Wiki
  • The Easy Wiki
  • The Wiki Done Right
  • Better Than Paper and Pen
  • The Most Pleasant Wiki
  • Web Publishing Wikified
  • Wikify Your Docs
  • Simplify your docs
  • Simplify your documentation
  • simplify your work
  • Documentation done the wiki way.
  • Documentation, Simple & Powerful!
  • It saves your time, so you can drink more beer!
  • Simply Simplicity.
  • Databases? We don't need no stinking databases!
  • Keeping community documentation open, yet in control.
  • Secure collaborative authoring of community documentation.
  • Collaborative authoring, under control.
  • DokuWiki heads above the rest.
  • DokuWiki to share your content handsome.
  • DokuWiki, easy to use, simply to care, best to share.
  • DokuWiki, life is supported by a strong community.
  • DokuWiki, a platform to share. The only one you need.
  • DokuWiki, documenting can be that easy.
  • Dokuwiki, to document, to blog , …(extend as you like, it's all in)
  • My favorite so far
  • The joy of not using Sharepoint
  • Plain data.
  • Simple. Structured. Convenient.
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