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Code Refactoring

Certain parts of DokuWiki's code are grown over several years and should be completely overhauled. This page gives a rough overview on these issues.


  • clean up and consolidate duplicate code
  • make certain function more flexible to use (do away with hardcoded IDs)
  • get rid of eval where possible


  • The whole system needs to be analyzed and redesigned
  • Maybe use a different format than serialized PHP

Page Saving

  • savewikitext() is one ugly lump of code
  • we should get proper return codes (or exceptions?) to see when and what went wrong


  • Some of the generated HTML code contains workarounds for very old browsers which we can start to ignore
  • Some code just doesn't make sense

Media Functions

Most of the functions in inc/media.php directly work with $_FILES, which makes it impossible to reuse them in other parts like XMLRPC or WebDAV. These functions are best to be changed to work with file handles instead.

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