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DokuWiki Logo Redesign

About DokuWiki

DokuWiki is an Open Source, web-based software for collaborative knowledge management. It's distributed for free and used by thousands of users worldwide. The main activity consists of creating and editing documents (pages) and linking them, thus creating structure. Use cases include personal notebooks, corporate knowledge bases, software manuals, project workspaces and intranet info systems.

You can learn more about DokuWiki and it's features at

The current Logo (pictured on the right) was created several years ago by Esther Brunner.

It depicts multiple sheets of paper representing the different pages inside a wiki. Two different colored pens symbolize the multiple users editing pages. Arrows in corresponding colors represent the linking feature of a wiki.

The pen colors were chosen based on the colors which represent existing (green) and non-existing (red) pages.

The letters “DW” stand for “DokuWiki” and are surrounded by double square brackets - the syntax used to create links in DokuWiki's editor.

Over the years the current logo has become a recognizable brand among Wiki users.


Here you can see some examples of how the logo is used in different contexts.

In the header of our website, next to the name “DokuWiki”, that's why the logo should not contain the word “DokuWiki”. we want no repetition here.
As a link icon, in the future this should be a grayscale icon to better fit with different template designs
In the browser as favicon
In various online publications. Shown here: Wikipedia
In a simplified one-color version on T-Shirts

Identified Problems

In 2012 a new, more modern design for the DokuWiki application was created (can be seen at The old logo remained and now looks a bit out of place.

In addition, the details of the logo are problematic when scaled down or transferred to different color spaces. Eg. the logo can not be easily downscaled to typical favicon sizes (16×16 pixel) without being nearly unrecognizable.

The goal is to have a “refresh” of the logo with a more “modern” and “simpler” appearance which can be easily used in different contexts.

Longtime DokuWiki users should still be able to recognize the logo as the new DokuWiki logo.


The following restraints should be adhered in the redesign:

  • The logo should approximately fill a quadratic space
  • The logo should not contain the word “DokuWiki”
  • The logo should not be made up primarily of typeface

Required Formats

After having a workable design idea, the final design has to be delivered in at least the following formats:

  • The original file format the logo was created in (may be proprietary)
  • Full Color logo as scalable SVG for arbitrary larger sizes
  • Simplified color version as pixel perfect 16×16 pixel PNG for favicon use
  • Simplified grayscale version as pixel perfect 16×16 pixel PNG for interwiki link icon use
  • Monochrome lineart version as scalable SVG for use on T-Shirts
  • Optionally other pixel perfect sizes as PNG for small sizes (24×24, 32×32) when a downscaled SVG does not suffice


The logo in all versions has to be licensed under the GPL Version 2.

The designer of the chosen logo will be mentioned on the website and the source code of the application itself. The designer is welcome to use the work in his portfolio.


Available Material

Current logo graphics can be found at in various formats. These can be freely used in the new design if needed.


The DokuWiki developers are happy to give feedback and opinions on proposed ideas. Either at the mailinglist or in the Bugtracker, the latter will also contain any submitted designs and links to public discussions so far.

Discussion can also be relayed through the contact given below.


Well done logo redesigns, where the logo was simplified but still is recognizable include Chrome, Skype and Microsoft (seen on the right).

Our new template design makes use of the free “DusseldorfArchived on 6 January 2015 icon set which might serve as stylistic example for a monochrome version.

Keywords often associated with DokuWiki are: collaboration, easy, simple, editing, flexibility.



To participate or to ask questions, simply send a mail to Andreas Gohr. If anything is missing on this page, just send a mail as well.

Please note that, due to the democratic nature of an Open Source project your design drafts will be made available to and be discussed in public.

How to participate

To participate simply get started and send your first suggestion to the contact given above.


Unlike in commercial projects, there is no deadline here. This is an open task until we found a new design we like. As long as this page is up, the task is open.

Please be aware that all work done on DokuWiki is done by volunteers, so responses might not be as quick as you might be used to with commercial customers.

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Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International
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