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Working with GitHub Pull Requests

GitHub Pull Requests are the preferred way of sending patches for DokuWiki to the core development team. While individual Git patches may get into the core, a pull request makes it much easier to review the code collaboratively and discuss it before applying it to the code base.

A detailed description on how pull requests work, is available at GitHub Help Section.

When sending pull requests, please keep the following in mind:

  • Add a comment to your pull request, explaining what your code does and why you think it should be added to DokuWiki (eg. explain actual use cases)
  • Do not mix different features into a single pull request. Pull requests are based on branches, so create different feature branch in your fork first. Then send pull requests from there.

We try to give feedback as soon as possible, but especially for very complex topics it might take a while until one of us can have a look at it in detail. Please don't let this discourage you, we love pull requests :-)

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