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Configuration Setting: mailfrom

This address will be used as sender address for all mails which are sent through DokuWiki. Make sure your Mailserver accepts the address you supply here. If you leave this empty the default PHP address will be used (usually webserveruser@webserverhostname)

  • Type: String
  • Default:

The following variables could be used inside the string to make it dynamic: @NAME@, @USER@, @MAIL@. The placeholders are replaced with the values of the currently logged in user (eg. the one who made the change a notify mail is about to being sent). Note that this is only recommended in a wiki where no anonymous edits can be made.


$conf['mailfrom']    = 'noreply@mydomain.tld';
$conf['mailfrom']    = '"@NAME@" <@USER@@mydomain.tld>';
$conf['mailfrom']    = '"@NAME@ (@USER@)" <@MAIL@>';

See also

Installations running on Windows systems only accepts the first example – - Mail – Section “Notes”.
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