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Configuration Setting: license

This setting configures the license under which the content of your wiki can be distributed. The licenses you can choose in this setting are configured in the conf/license.php. By default it contains a list of Creative Commons licenses and GNU FDL.

  • Type: String
  • Default: cc-by-nc-sa

You should think a bit about the proper license when you start your wiki, because changing it later may require the consent of all previous contributors to your wiki.

To disable this feature completely, e.g. for a private, internal wiki, just select no license (or set the config option to an empty string).

eg - add this line to your conf/local.php

$conf['license'] = '';

Adding a new license

To avoid problems on upgrading your Wiki later you should not edit the conf/license.php file directly but create a new conf/license.local.php file to add your entries.

The file should look like this:

$license['license-name'] = array(
    'name' => 'Full Name of the License',
    'url'  => '',

Array key license-name from the table license is the short name of the chosen license as it is used in the config setting value $conf['license'] mentioned above.

For each license an image named like the short name (ending in .gif or .png) should be placed in lib/images/license/button (80×15 pixel) and lib/images/license/badge (88×31 pixel).

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