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Reason to update the css styles for geshi

The main issue has been fixed in the development version. See 2902.

For whatever reason, it was decided long ago to not use the styles produced by geshi for every code language, but a single small subset to be used for all languages (currently in screen.css) Since then geshi was updated a few times, languages added and updated, and now many languages show wrong or partial highlighting.

What I think should be done is either (1) revisit the old decision about including all styles (many things have changes since then), or at least (2) update the subset of styles that get used currently (possibly using the script that was used to generate the current code) and keep updating it with every geshi update.

Also a possibility is creating a plugin for anyone interested in the full geshi stylesheet (and maybe let them choose which languages to include). This should not be a replacement to updating the current style (which needs to be done regardless), but as alternative to including all styles.


Bash is one language I found to have very partial and wrong highlighting.

take this line for example:

user@host:~$ rm -f /usr/local/bin/

What's wrong with it? according to the geshi style:

  1. The prompt user@host:~$ should be grayed out (as a comment). it's not styled at all.
  2. Parameters or options such as -f should be styled. they are not.
  3. The directory separator / (slash) should be black and bold, and definitely not light green. this has bad visibility, and makes zero sense (for any language. if you already go by a single style, at least choose reasonable colors).
  4. The keywords are in the wrong color (should be kind of purple) but I can live with that one.

Points 1,2 above can be fixed simply by updating the unified style. 3 should at least be changed manually as it is obviously wrong and affects more languages, and 4 can be fixed by adding all styles (or at least the most common or problematic ones).

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