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Used to replace text-macros with a graphical representation. Can also be used to place other images than smileys inside text-flow.

The text is replaced if found in wiki pagesource, no other syntax is needed.

# Smileys configured here will be replaced by the
# configured images in the smiley directory

8-)         icon_cool.gif
8-O         icon_eek.gif
8-o         icon_eek.gif
:-(         icon_sad.gif
:-)         icon_smile.gif
=)          icon_smile2.gif
:-/         icon_doubt.gif
:-\         icon_doubt2.gif
:-?         icon_confused.gif
:-D         icon_biggrin.gif
:-P         icon_razz.gif
:-o         icon_surprised.gif
:-O         icon_surprised.gif
:-x         icon_silenced.gif
:-X         icon_silenced.gif
:-|         icon_neutral.gif
;-)         icon_wink.gif
m(          facepalm.gif
^_^         icon_fun.gif
:?:         icon_question.gif
:!:         icon_exclaim.gif
LOL         icon_lol.gif
FIXME       fixme.gif
DELETEME    delete.gif

Or located in git repository: conf/smileys.conf

Wiki admins should put their smileys in conf/smileys.local.conf, see also customize smileys.

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