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处理 ?do= actions
Dokuwiki's own processing of the $ACT value

This event allows you to catch any action mode passed to the DokuWiki dispatcher act_dispatch() in inc/actions.php before it begins to process the $ACT variable itself.

The AFTER action is never performed on a successful save.

Passed Data

The passed Doku_Event has the field $data.

$data is a string or array containing the $ACT value (the do variable in the query string - uncleaned). See act_clean() for an example of cleaning.

Add a BEFORE event handler to process your action. Check the $data field for the correct action name. Also use an unique action name to avoid collisions.

Use preventDefault() to skip DokuWiki's processing of the action. $data is a reference to the $ACT variable, so assigning another action string to the $data field will be noticed outside your event handler.

The AFTER event handler lets you handle actions after performing DokuWiki's default action handling (attention: can be eventually skipped by preventDefault()) . Due to handling of actions by plugins and DokuWiki itself the AFTER event handler can be reached with another action than you expect at first sight. Please be aware it.

Plugins handling this event

The following plugins are known to handle this event and their source code may be a good start for understanding and implementing a handler yourself.

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