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 +====== The wiki source text ======
-**Types of Fireworks in the United States** ​+Wiki pages are written in plain-text code called [[wp>​wikitext]]. This code is just basic text, improved with a simple [[wiki:​syntax]].
-In the United States, the legal classification of fireworks is done based on the potential hazards they can offer. However, ​[[http://​​| American Fireworks ​]] can broadly be classified ​into two main categories: Consumer Fireworks and Display Fireworks. Consumer fireworks are the 1.4G fireworks and Display Fireworks are the 1.3S Fireworks under the United Nations explosives shipping classification system. There could be different aspects such as the weight, size, powered content, chemical reaction, the intensity and blast impact etc that can determine the classification of fireworks+This source is read by the DokuWiki ​[[devel:parser]] and transformed ​into XHTML after a user has edited a page.
-These classifications of 1.4G and 1.3S are significant because they involve different regulations from manufacturing,​ storage, sales and transportation points of views. And of course, ​the use of these fireworks also involves particular sets of regulations and guidelines. Anyone, involved in the buying, selling, storage and transportation of fireworks in the United States, needs to have an appropriate license from the ATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives).+You can view the source text for any page by clicking ​the button labeled "​[[editing|Edit this page]]"​ on the top or bottom of each page.
-** Consumer Fireworks **  ​+===== DokuWiki’s syntax =====
-There could be a wide variety of consumer fireworks ​that the common people may possess and use to celebrate any occasion in the USThese fireworks could be further sub-classified as:+There is no one standard of wiki markup right now, but DokuWiki has its own syntax ​that is quite similar to others.
-1. Low-level and mid-level displays and devices: These may include a variety of fireworks such as roman candle fireworks, mines, bottle rockets, fountains, comets, multi-shot aerial repeaters and others. These fireworks offer various styles and sound and lighting effects.  +You can compare ​the differences in syntax of other wikis at
- +
-2. Pyro Musical and Choreographed Displays: These are a type of computerized firing that one often witnesses in the fireworks video. Fireworks ​can be added to music soundtracks for a vivid presentation. These effects are more desirable during a live band or an orchestra performance.  +
- +
-3. Musical Fireworks Displays: These are the cheap fireworks with the best pyro musical displays that can enthrall the audience. It combines music and fireworks and can provide a spectacular presentation. The sound tracks could be beautifully choreographed to start and end a live performance with a great precision.  +
- +
-4. Standard Aerial Fireworks Display: There could be a variety of products to decorate the skyline with colorful lighting objects with melodious sound presentations. These could be [[http://​​index.php/​buy-fireworks-online/​sky-lanterns.html/​| chinese lantern fireworks ]] or others types of projectile devices such as rockets. Many projectile devices use chemical reactions to create colorful visual effects with dynamic lighting effects.  +
- +
-There could be a large variety of fireworks and devices that firework companies, stores and online sellers may offer to the consumers. However, one must keep in mind that the fireworks should not exceed the set specifications of 1.4G fireworks. A simple idea is to not choose fireworks that are beyond 500 gram cakes fireworks. People for possessing fireworks other than specified as 1.4G fireworks may have to face legal consequences in the United States.  +
- +
-Thus, it is important for consumers to buy fireworks that are marked as 1.4G fireworks in the factory. Fireworks exceeding the specification of 1.4G fireworks may fall under 1.3S category and may require a special license to possess them and use them, as per the fireworks license requirements of a particular state in the United States.  +
- +
-American Wholesale Fireworks'​ mission is to bring wholesale fireworks to the masses ​at the lowest pricing[[http://​​index.php/​buy-fireworks-online/​500-gram-cakes.html|Best 500 Gram Cakes]] long lasting cake does it all, filling the sky with sweeping color, crackle, and reports. ​ Wholesale Fireworks have Low Prices with Great Quality & Great Support in USA. Most of the stores offer Guaranteed Shopping  +
-[[http://​| Fireworks on sale]].+
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