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osDocs (formerly TechRecipes/osWiki)

osDocs is a wiki based technical howto repository where everyone is free to add and edit the contents. +


I use Dokuwiki to keep track of my stuff. This includes technical notes as well as personal stuff. The personal stuff I keep in a protected Dokuwiki so it is accessible only to me. The tech stuff is in a 2nd wiki to it is public accessible so everyone can benefit from my work. The way I have it setup is just one data entry point for both wikis. My personal wiki has both personal and technical wiki stuff. I have a daily job that then copies all the tech articles (which is in it's own namespace) from my personal wiki over to the tech wiki and regenerates indexes. This way I only have to manage one entry point and a single wiki to search all my stuff. Since I like to get comments back on the tech wiki, I have a plugin in the 2nd wiki to be allow users to post comments. The public tech wiki is called Senthil's Tech Wiki/Blog. Use the site map to explore it if you like.

Ratsgymnasium Peine

I use DokuWiki in some places and in the internal area of the site of my school (Ratsgymnasium Peine). I love the possibility to easily program own plugins and alter existing plugins (see timeline2). For some user it is hard to use cause I don't like WYSIWYG. But putting something into DokuWiki is a good training for thinking in logical structures.

Keep on doing such a good work!

The site is devoted to SNMP extension, which is used for protection the server from DDoS synflood attacks. It has been developed for Linux and can be used on FreeBSD hosts with modifications of kernel parameters in configuration file. The extension has its own configuration file and allows to optimize work for your system.

The extension and Cacti templates are available for download. The list of implemented features, planned features, docs and other information can be found on the site. I'm looking forward to comments.

www.assurancequebec.org_wp-content_uploads_2010_08_logo-assurance-quebec2.jpg is an online ressource for assurance auto in the province of Québec, Canada. We are currently experimenting DokuWiki to eventually use it as social wiki to provide free information and resources about car insurance.



sdfgsdfg== DW with the ssocas plugin for user authentication. I have spent months looking for CMSs that fit the way I work, and DokuWiki was the one that got in the way the least, while providing loads of useful features!

Scribe's Masterpiece On-line Shop

We're using DokuWiki to run our new on-line journal and pen shop. I chose Dokuwiki because it was easy to set-up and configure. It also provided an easy way for my wife to update the shop when needed without having to teach her all about HTML. Works great!}} ===== ===== [[ |{{}}
Astronomy portal. Home of the Hardcore deep-sky observers club….

Software Architecture Wiki

Buzz Insurance : Affinity insurance is the first ever social network dedicated to insurance stuff in France. We're using DokuWiki in our “Assuwiki” which provides free resources around personal finance. You can also create your own social group and access to special offers while socialize at sdfgedge.jpg |River's Edge Project}}]]

I would like to invite Polish readers into my site with my articles and gallery! Everything has done on DokuWiki! There are also some C64 party reports in English language in “Party Raporty” section.

Ed. English version of site is already launched! sdfg Freies Portal für Klempner und Dachdecker!

Dach Bau Info sdfg

This Wiki is the homepage of evangelic free church in Bonn, using Monobook as template

sdfgsdfg been employed with.
Now that I work for myself as an IT Consultant, I use DokuWiki to document my clients details like contacts, network setup, usernames and passwords, etc.
It’s handy to be able to log into my server and get all the details I need without hassling the customer for the 1642nd time what their password to their ADSL Modem is.\\sdfgsdfg

  • user messaging
  • file uplsdfgsdfg

We use DokuWiki for the Orto del Orto project documentation. Great work! Very simple to use ;-) sdfgsdfg Its main features include: high-quality, real-time 3D graphics with a very powerful and flexible material system; cross-platfosdfgsdfg

I am using DokuWiki for my personal documentation of all my Debian server and the whole network switches. it helps me keeping track of all those port to port connections. Switched over from quikiwiki because DokuWiki has a much nicer syntax. Keep up the good work, and thanks a lot :)

/mathias ‘shark’ ender shark [at] icore [dot] at

I use DokuWiki for my own project designs and it helps me a lot keeping track of project changes and coordination of my team members. Before DokuWiki I was using PhpWiki which is good too, but I never liked the messy layout is had. DokuWiki just looks professional :)

/Christian ‘Snyke’ Decker snyke [at] web [dot] de

Genki’s Home In The Net

I use DokuWiki for my private site, to keep track of links and other stuff I need to remember or stuff that I want to show friends. Because of the legal position in Germany about websites and their content, I keep my wiki private, so that’s why I have not posted any link to it here, sorry.

I use it for the internal documentation for the Scandinavian ejournal I have and develop a CMS-like system and needs to write some documentation for the users and I’ve found DokuWiki to be quite good for that. I stumbled upon DokuWiki in a discussion in a Danish Linux newsgroup. I can’t provide a link either, because it’s for internal purposes.

/jakob smith


I have a small development team at Oracle and I’m trying it out in the team to document hints and tips, FAQ and such like. Early days so we’ll see how it works out. Also set up a private DokuWiki at home just to keep track of some of the fun stuff I’m trying out on my home network.

/David Haimes

I run as a server on which I provide web and email services to a handful of my friends (,, so maintaining documentation on how the server is configured and how to do things become a primary need for a simple online note-taking system. I tried out 3 or 4 wikis after browsing the websites of about 30. DokuWiki was certainly the nicest looking and is much cleaner and easier to deal with than the others. Well done!



Wavemap is my personal hobby site… I’ve used it to learn technologies over the years, but was always a bit slack at keeping it up to date. Last week I got interested in wiki as an easy method to manage a website, and this weekend I tried out TikiWiki, MediaWiki and DokuWiki. I like the simplicity of DokuWiki, and the code is nice and neat. It does its job well!

- ra

I switched from WakkaWiki to DokuWiki because WakkaWiki is no longer maintained. Andreas Gohr did some extra work for me, so that the content of the WakkaWiki database could be easily transferred to the DokuWiki-Format. Thanks a lot! I use DokuWiki in German. To accomplish that I only had to change this: $conf[‘lang’] = ‘de’;. Very nice work!

/Frank Schubert – What I liked about DokuWiki was the abandonment of CamelCase WikiWords. It also looks “clean.” I don’t really use it like a wiki, though. It’s just a good way to create a personal web site without having to deal with verbose HTML syntax and manual linking. Since I’m the only one who is allowed to edit the pages, I’d really appreciate a threaded “comments” feature (and please keep the file system store, I don’t want to use a DB!).

- Kannan Goundan

WikiEngine Evaluation

Like Kannan, I also like the visual uncluttered appearance of DokuWiki. I’m currently evaluating it as a technical documentation / collaboration engine, by checking if the set of features is well-suited for our team needs. I still have to convince my team leader about the advantages against the disadvantages of using a WikiEngine, but that’s another matter. What I appreciate the most in DokuWiki is the overall features for documentation repository: table of contents, GUI editor, conflict detection, windows shares, standard compliance and the use of raw text files. Like David Haimes, I also aim at deploying a system that can consolidate a myriad of tips, tricks, scripts, loose information that hangs everywhere and in no common place. Besides that, since we have several projects running at the same time, we also need a collaboration system that is simple and practical, better than e-mail messages hanging on each others’ private mailboxes. – Straider (2004.08.19).

The evaluation has finished, and DokuWiki has been selected as an internal tool for technical documentation, produced in a collaborative manner. The concept has been so simple, practical and useful that one of our steps in impact analysis now entails the analysis of the list of a backlink execution. The list of documents reported to be backlinked with current document helps to understand how a change in one table, for instance, will have impact on the processes or on user interface. Thanks so much for a well done tool. – Straider (2004.10.04).


I’m evaluating DokuWiki for an internal engineering/documentation/product planning wiki for my startup company, and everyone’s very happy so far with it. I just wrote a recommendation for DokuWiki in my blog, located here: (Brian Dear, San Diego CA USA — 19 August 2004)


We’ve just setup 3 different DokuWiki sites for internal company use. IT Staff and Developers use it to write their documentation, and Marketing uses it as a collaboration system. It’s been working pretty well since it’s very easy to use even for non-techies. What we’ve discovered that we can add some basic Windows-based security to a DokuWiki sit, so that users can be limited by their Active Directory account. DokuWiki even lists the user’s AD domain and account name in “Recent Changes”, which is a huge plus for us. We’re also looking at an expensive KB system, but there’s a good chance that DokuWiki will be used instead. – Jeffrey Chen (09/01/2004)

Merus Software Ltd

Set up DokuWiki today and started our internal and customer facing documentation on it - great stuff. Sent you a donation today - thanks for all your work! (Christian Denning 3/9/2004)

Culture Three

Just set it up as an (pseudo)internal discussion tool. We’re spread around the country, so something like this is great for collaboration. Matt Wilson

Sweden-based Roleplaying game author group Vi Åker Jeep

Using wikis and other social software are second-nature to the geeks in the Jeep author group, and we roll our own as well as use existing free software. DokuWiki seems feature-rich, yet user-friendly. Those features are what we were looking for when choosing a wiki for interfacing with our audiences that we play with at roleplaying game cons.

WinSCP project documentation

I’m using DokuWiki to allow community to update documentation for my open source application WinSCP.

My own private palimpsest

Palimpsest is the DokuWiki-driven site where I collect lists, writings and other small web-based stuff that needs to be created and maintained quickly and comfortable without hassle. This includes a section that is used as a resource page for a small collaborative coding project, which is implemented as a namespace with different access rights compared to the rest of the site. The wiki and the feeds are in utf-8, which was not much of a problem to configure.

Personal site/blog/wiki

Been using DokuWiki for about a week now @ and absolutely love it. I tried PhpWiki and suffice to say it was garbage. When I add a few more features, I’m going to replace the current site with it. Also, check out the design which was surprisingly easy to do. -kb

Collaborative work using DokuWiki in a large enterprise context

AXA uses DokuWiki to have a back up on relevant company information such as the use of various tools for internal management, information related to internal storage and access, working methods and processes, and finally knowledge transfer tutorials for resources of all levels. We are very pleased with this turnkey platform that is both efficient and stable while being easy to use and manage.

Collaborative work around RebolFrance This site is for collaborative work and discuss around in French. He is working with, and his forum. -Johnatemps wiki

Internal knowledgebase at HostingXS

We at HostingXS (a small webhosting provider in the Netherlands) use DokuWiki as an internal knowledge-base for server maintenance. We document the history of each server, provide links to various statistics gathered by individual servers, have a ‘TODO’-list, etc.

Platform for project documentation

I have my projects at where I use DokuWiki to create the documentation.

Alphapedia Complexia

The online community, a community centered around the pen-and-paper roleplaying game PARANOIA, has switched from MoinMoin to DokuWiki to run the Alphapedia Complexia, a complete encyclopedia of all things PARANOIA. As the admin who set up the Alphapedia, let me say DokuWiki was a joy to set up and work with compared to MoinMoin. The ability to use our forum database to authenticate users and give user groups different access levels easily was an incredible boon and the main deciding factor in our switch. We’re just getting the details hammered out and will probably soon start patching in our own code and styles.

Code snippets and documentation

Im using DokuWiki for useful code snippets for a plugin component for Winamp, ActiveWinamp. This plugin allows you to extend Winamp through scripting or other use of COM. Although the scripting is quite simple, DokuWiki allows scripts to be shared with users that aren’t as adept at programming.

Wiki for EZPDO documentation

We use DokuWiki as the collaboration venue for the EZPDO project among document writers. To allow users to input their comments (but not to touch the Wiki content), we worked out a tool to import Wiki pages into WordPress. The tool is called dwBliki, a WordPress plugin which now has become a small project by its own (see here). A user can browse the docs and give comments in WordPress. Thanks for the good work, Andi. -oak

Yet another personal homepage

I switched my whole (rather small) personal website ( to this great piece of software now. Don’t expect too much of it, most of the stuff on the site is about things I’d forget otherwise. Apart from that, it’s still German only. Well, perhaps it will be useful to somebody else too nonetheless. ;-)

The best thing about the switch is that now I really like editing these pages instead of hacking together some pieces of HTML that don’t make any sense. As I’m not too deep into CSS, one thing I’d love to see would be some kind of documentation what this or that part does, e.g. I really like the style of this page. Perhaps there could be some kind of “market place” for DokuWiki-”themes”?!?

Thanks a lot Andi for all your work!

Software user manual

The Ardour project, a high-quality multitrack recording application, is using DokuWiki to create a user manual. One thing - is it possible to define an order for the pages so the manual can be exported easily for printing, and Prev / Next buttons can be automatically inserted? Keep up the good work!


RoxiWiki is a German Wiki about philology, literature databases for your PC, social bookmarks (this section will be in English) and more.

Raleigh XML FAQ

Raleigh XML FAQ, a project for creating Russian XML FAQ.

Qwik! - Personal / Group Wikis

I first used DokuWiki for displaying and editing rather large text (study papers) for personal use in Kaffeehaus Wiki (German). But as I liked DokuWiki very much, I also set a collaborative platform for a team I’m working in. What I like most about DokuWiki is that it’s easy adjustable to one’s own needs and it lets users to be focused on the creating of content. It’s user interface is reduced to the minimum yet powerful.

I thought, that if it’s useful for me, then it might be useful for others as well. So I created Qwik!. There, each registered user has its own password protected wiki space (for free) and can use the public Qwik! wiki. The private Qwik! space is pre-structured with pages like documents, agenda, to-do, blog, addresses and links and these pages are always easily accessible through a sidebar menu. The service is currently being beta-tested and your suggestions welcome.

I plan to make a enhanced version of this service (collaborative features, multiple users with different rights, media upload, blog & forum integration, support) commercially available at a later stage – primarily focused on the Swiss small biz market). — Esther Brunner 2005-03-23 17:04


I am testing DokuWiki as a content management system at BockusWiki. It is so easy to use and does not need any SQL-database, just PHP. Thanks to Andy for his development work.

University of Virginia Press

We are using DokuWiki for internal documentation for our Rotunda online publications series. (Since it is an internal Wiki only, I can’t give the actual link.) I evaluated various wiki programs, and went with DokuWiki (over second choice MediaWiki) because it really is tailored for the needs of a documentation project that will include things like “style manuals” for XML tagging, procedures documentation for server setup, and documentation of coding practices in a couple of programming languages. The user/group authorization model means we can give accounts to external people with access only to their own particular publication projects.

I also had good results converting a long vendor requirements document from MS Word, via OpenOffice, using the Iannz DokuWiki macro – amazingly little hand-editing was needed to reproduce the original format after the macro conversion. — David Sewell 2005-04-21 17:46

RPN NPW Community Group

At Recherche en Prevision numeric (RPN, Part of Meteorological Service of Canada) we use DokuWiki as the main collaborative documentation and Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) research collaboration tool. We were very pleased with it’s simple installation, setup, adaptation and usage! — stephanec 2005-04-21 20:06

DokuWiki for a Writer

I am a writer, working on several fiction projects as well as two non-fiction books and an unending stream of newspaper/magazine articles, corporate brochures and the like. I use DokuWiki as a general organization tool for all my projects, and it’s working great. For example, I can link characters together in my fiction projects to show the relationships between them, or I can link pieces of my outline to the relevant characters, settings, research, etc. I’m VERY pleased with how simple DokuWiki was to set up and customize to fit my needs, and I’ll definitely be using it for other things in the future. — Tammy Cravit 2005-04-23 10:21

NucleusCMS Plugin resource and documentation project

Nucleus CMS wiki This wiki has been around for over 3 years. It’s mainly a place where all the Nucleus plugins are gathered and documented, but we have some nice documentation and howto’s as well. Recently I’ve converted to DokuWiki because of its slick features and speed. Update: we have upgraded to the latest DokuWiki release and implemented a shinning new template. :-D (aug.01.2005)

Wiki for students of the computer science in Bremen

InfWiki (de)

I started this Wiki with some friends to collect information about our studies, and to share it with everyone who comes after us. DokuWiki worked for this purpose because it doesn’t need a database and has plenty of features. If DokuWiki doesn’t work out for us, our data is very accessible. — Jakob Lenfers 03.05.2005 08:12

Knowledge Base / Client Documentation

Xantron has deployed DokuWiki for Networkdocumentation. It’s running on a Debian Server with Apache 1.3 and serves switch configurations, server configs, config diffs, network diagrams and so on. It’s also including the contact database of some people and providers to have the right information on the right place. Dominik Bay

School Magazine - Wiki For Editors

We use DokuWiki as a place, where editors of our school magazine ADAM (Czech language only) can share their work and prepare next issues. Bohumir Zamecnik

Knowledge Base

We at have been using DokuWiki for various projects in the area of software development and database design. Cross emailing between three or more people within a constantly changing development-team quickly becomes tedious, so we decided to use a hybrid approach which includes DokuWiki for the short- (project specific) as well as long-term knowledge base. We picked DokuWiki because it doesn’t require a MySQL-database and thus, is easily installable (Windows/Linux, server/client etc) everywhere. erzhstrh

Documentation site for open source mail filter MailScanner

We were using Faq-O-Matic for the documentation for MailScanner, an open source anti-spam, anti-virus, security mail filter. When the author, Julian Field, asked me to help with the transfer of the Faq-O-Matic site to a wiki, I strongly suggested using DokuWiki and he and the other volunteers liked the idea. Now we’re using DokuWiki for all the documentation related to MailScanner and related software and I merged the MAQ (Most Asked Questions) page I’ve created in the wiki as well. I really appreciate the ease of use of this wiki as I didn’t like the idea of editing a standalone HTML page (the MAQ). It’s been easily accepted by the community and the MailScanner’s mailing list users seem to like it too. clear

Personal Todo Lists

I’ve been using Wikis for a long time. Meanwhile I’ve also implemented my own wiki engine that I currently use for my website. But according to my principle “Never code anything that already exists!” I stopped that project. There are so many wikis out there that are far better than mine. So I found DokuWiki and started testing it on my Mac. Currently I am using it as a kind of personal information manager and Todo lists. I like the linked behavior of wiki pages. Happy wiking!

Comme ça du Japon

I’m using DokuWiki for a linguistically exchange corner between students of Japanese and French languages on Comme ça du Japon. DokuWiki installation was really easy and the feature list is also impressive. Great Job ! Thanks.

Do not believe him! It works on WordPress!!!

InkTec Polska sp. z o.o. - intranet

We are using DokuWiki to manage our group files, information and public bookmarks. DokuWiki stays as intranet pages, so I can’t show you the results. Thank you for all. Very good job. m [dot] wywial [at] inktec [dot] pl

ReloadCMS Documentation

We use DokuWiki as a place, where we post docs, changelogs, stats, FAQs and other important info for users and developers. ReloadCMS - The community that helps people to run Linux.
We use DokuWiki as the CMS for our Site. It replaced a Zope/Plone/ZWiki construction that was much too complicated, too big and too slow for our purposes. We use the modifications described here to customize the layout.

System Documentation

We use DokuWiki at work for system and network documentation - it’s low maintenance and hassle free, so we actually DO use it. Like software should be. We owe you a beer.

Disclaimer: I had (and have) nothing to do with the design of that website TYVM. Teachers + WYSIWYG editor = Yuck.


We’ve started using DokuWiki as an alternative information system (hence Yet Another Ents Information Management System) to our normal scraps of paper floating around the office. Only been using it a few days and already it’s showing it’s worth.

It suits our chaotic workflow to a tee, more so than any other project management system I’ve come across, which actually require some form of process. Which we don’t have.

Illustrator Praxis

Illustrator Praxis is a German Wiki about Adobe Illustrator. It has Tips & Tricks, Tutorials and lots of JavaScript to download. We use the sidebar-template from Jan Decaluwe and some format-plugins. — Wolfgang Reszel 2005-07-21 10:19

Norwegian Mac Community

The Norwegian Mac community uses DokuWiki to share tips and tricks, reviews and more.

Vietnamese Open Source Software Community (VnOSS)

ISTARI - Tolkien Encyclopedia

The PtokaX Wiki (also known as WikiPx)

Well, I used Wikka before, but the camelization annoyed me to no end. Plus, formatting and administration was not so simple as in DokuWiki. I found this wiki engine accidentally on the WWW, and it was a typical ‘love at first sight’. I have played several days with it, and I can say that this is exactly what I needed (especially the better GeSHi implementation than in Wikka.)

A few words about PtokaX: PtokaX is a server-software for Win32 and the Direct Connect P2P Network, which uses LUA as an extension language.

See the wiki here.

— bastya_elvtars

Server HowTo – CVS and Subversion server at Institute of Computer Science at University of Wroclaw (in polish)


Nettalkdoku This wiki is a documentation for the freeware IRC-client Nettalk.

The wiki:

The page:

Page d'accueil

Documentation du site (Communauté francophone des utilisateurs d’Ubuntu). Très complète et souvent mise à jour !

Appunti su Debian GNU/Linux.

RSBAC, RuleSet Based Access Control for Linux.


Wiki français sur le développement web

French wiki, about web development

I recently setup a DokuWiki installation in order to maintain a collection of tips, snippets and similar stuff. Before that I used a self-developed thingy, but DokuWiki supports everything what I was aiming for - and much more! - , so I switched.


lescoste.homeip.net_lescoste_images_iconstef_16.jpg I use DokuWiki for my own general purpose repository. I just added a PHP script that can copy DokuWiki pages to iPod notes format here.


We run both an internal minion-training wiki which also contains documentation on all our servers and how to maintain them, we also have slightly hacked DokuWiki for a public facing support site to produce a completely static website to guarantee no defacements.

I mean this is excellent….if you are in the London area…beer will be on us.

I use my wiki to share knowledge and store ideas. You can find it here.

A troll community

We are a community of persons who are playing a online free game, and we need a space for our community, before it was a static site, now the users self complete the information on the site. (French)

Added: October 2, 2005
This is my own personal/public collection of interesting bits of knowledge, guides, and links. Everything from Recepies, Scrapbooking stuff, Administrator guides (NTP, SSL, Apache, IIS6, SMS, etc) and much more. It is always changing, and always improving.

University of Canberra

Our IT department uses it internally to help organize ad-hoc info on a team level

Family organizer

We use it as a tool to keep track of all sorts of info for our family. Shopping lists, contact info, ideas, appointments, reminders. It’s much easier to use than an over-featured database system. It’s totally ad-hoc so we just chuck everything in there, it’s like an info bin.

NGO Network

We use it as a pilot for a network of about 200 NGO’s (nonprofit organizations) in Central Asia. For this I used the default setup including a few plugins: - interface language : switchable between English and Russian - some formatting plugins from esther - sparkline plugin - current users : 150, migrating to MySQL-auth - all content in Russian / English

Scalability issues are easy to arise: first we plan to migrate to another integrated auth mechanism, then go to new search mechanism as presented dev. edition.

Keep u updated,

Riny [at] [bk] [dot] [ru]

Association « La Tondeuse à Roazhon »

We’re the association who’s editing the independent local newspaper Particule in Rennes (France). We use DokuWiki for our internal web site. Thanks a lot! :)

Nous sommes une association qui édite le journal d’information local indépendant Particule à Rennes (France). Nous utilisons DokuWiki pour faire fonctionner notre site interne. Merci beaucoup! :-)

Escudik-Omsk This site about car Suzuki Escudo. (Russian language)

LinuxDay 2005 Milano

SL-Lab Wiki

Personal Home Page

Another personal home page:, with a DokuWiki plugin for presenting bibtex bibliography files bibtex plugin

I use DokuWiki as blog (migrated from nucleus :-D) and as a place to write down some stuff about Linux etc… etc…

Handbol Josep Pla

High school handball team IES Josep Pla
Playing at cadet level and member of Federació Catalana de Handbol.

Network- and System-Documentation

We use DokuWiki for several customers to synchronize knowledge about the network-infrastructure and server-systems. With the help of this great tool different administrators can share “their” knowledge of the network with others who work for that particular customer.

Dipl.-Ing. Karsten Iwen, Network- and Security-Consultant

Undefined Illusion BBS - Italy

Undefined Illusion BBS (uibbs2): We offer technical assistance on Linux based systems, we also help in partial or total migration to Linux OS, and we are a Linux based business since 2000 (a study about our TCO on Linux in five years is available on our website). Our staff has more than 10 years of experience in IT support, assistance and management. is a German internet service provider and uses the DokuWiki for own Linux issues.

Embroidery from Natali The Personal page Natali. Lessons of the embroidery, display of the author’s work, feminine club.


My personal wiki to work for school, but also my blog and information site


Inspiriert von Wikipedia möchte ich auf Basis von freien Inhalten ein Hortipedia entstehen lassen. Der grobe Rahmen ist der Gartenbau, wie der Name “Horti” schon sagt.

Das Hortipedia soll duch viele Teilprojekte entstehen. Dabei möchte ich Informationen zusammen mit allen Interessierten hier zeigen, die richtig ins Detail gehen. Dies kann meiner Meinung nach nur ein Speziallexikon leisten. Anders als beim Vorbild Wikipedia möchte ich gern Patenschaften vergeben über bestimmte Themen, damit eine inhaltliche Betreuung besser gewährt ist. Diese Partnerschaften können auch durch eigene “Einstiegsseiten” dokumentiert werden (Beispiel )

I have a website a part is personal and the rest is for my students. I use wiki for same stuff. Thanks for de service ;-)

I use DokuWiki Release 2005-09-22e … It's now time to upgrade to new version. I'would like use ODT plugin.

Web Montag / Web Monday

Web Monday is an informal gathering (in and around Germany) aimed at bringing together developers, designers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, researchers, web pioneers, inventors, bloggers, podcasters, end users and other folks interested in web 2.0 (in the broadest sense). The goal is to better connect the German web 2.0 scene as well as improve transatlantic idea exchange between Germany and the US (and – hopefully – help bring some of those good Silicon Valley vibes to Germany).

Since its inception in November 2005, Web Monday has spread fast: meetings are now being held in 20+ cities all across Germany on a regular basis and have attracted several hundred repeat participants so far. Meetings have also been held in Vienna (Austria) and Innsbruck (Austria) as well as on Second Life.

The Web Monday wiki has been on DokuWiki from day one, and it’s been smooth sailing all along.


FerhengWiki. Kurdish free software wiki.

Canada Law Book

Canada Law Book is a publisher of Canadian legal reference material and Business to Business trade magazines. Currently only one developer is using DokuWiki for project documentation and reference information storage. We’re going to roll out a centralized DokuWiki in early 2006 for all our developers for documentation and project collaboration.


RezIRC is a French student IRC network. DokuWiki is used there to allow for quick (wiki :-)) editing and addition of ideas/documentation/whatever.


The gullUTC is a LUG from the UTC (Université de Technologie de Compiègne). DokuWiki serves as the front page for the website.

Quiqum wiki about the software and server from Quiqum. Quiqum wiki Quiqum


Used internally to document server and software configuration for this particular lab network.

Stefans Webseite

Stefan’s Website (German) is a private homepage. I use it for RPG, programming PHP and some other stuff.

Rhy-Deufel Öflingen

Rhy-Deufel Öflingen (German) is a homepage about a carnival group in Germany.

DPSG Öflingen

DPSG Öflingen (German) is a homepage about a scout group in Germany.

Frédéric Lehobey

Happy DokuWiki user for my personal documentation repository (mostly in French). Thanks for your great software.


is using DokuWiki for its web sites: * en * fr

Used to document my Linux howto’s and CV. *

AS’s personal homepage

I use DokuWiki for my personal website, which you are very welcome to visit here


ICLEI-A/NZ - Local Governments for Sustainability We’ve installed DokuWiki as one of the components of our intranet. The choice came down to DokuWiki, MoinMoin or MediaWiki for our needs, but DokuWiki won the day because of its elegant simplicity.

Adrian Silvescu - personal webpage

Jelectronique - WikiElectronique

Un Wiki sur l’électronique ouvert à tous et disponible sur le site

I use DokuWiki to share knowledge with my students…

We use DokuWiki to organize our web-site: (German)

Thanks to Andreas Gohr for creating this wonderful piece of software.

Linux learning bitacora

Carles Oriol & Ilia Kubala - Linux learning blog. Web: (Catalan)



I use DokuWiki to document stuff that I study, material for students and project information. It’s written in Portuguese. I found DokuWiki to be very easy to configure, customize and use.

DBZOO Personal site lots of information on Cybikos and other projects that take my fancy. DokuWiki rocks.

Linux pri nas A portal dedicated to spreading Linux in Slovenia, troubleshooting, writing docs, i18n and programming. It uses a modded and colored DokuWiki for its wiki part.

Cyril Rouiller

Mon premier site (obsolète) & mon site actuel (en construction) – J’ai commencé à utiliser DokuWiki pour un usage personnel, à cause de sa simplicité de mise en oeuvre. Je n’avais pas de temps à perdre pour faire ma propre page personnelle qui ne devait me servir que de bloc note à distance. Absolument séduit par cet outil, je l’ai installé pour plus d’une trentaine de sites, que ce soit des pages personnelles, ou, plus fréquemment, des sites pour des départements universitaires ou de associations. Il est tellement facile à prendre en main qu’il ne nécessite aucun apprentissage spécifique de la part des utilisateurs finaux.

My Personal Wiki – I use DokuWiki for my personal wiki site. It’s fantastic, very clean and customizable! Thanks a lot for this great system!

AIESEC in Austria

We, the Viennese people of AIESEC, one of the world’s biggest student associations, use DokuWiki for internal documentation. We are really happy how fast we could install the stuff and so far there isn’t a feature that we are missing.

The IT-company uses DokuWiki for its homepage, including customers intranet sections, project documentations and reports.

Personal webpage

I needed to replace my ugly hand-coded HTML with some style. DokuWiki is fast, highly customizable, and looks great. With a few quick code changes anyone can leave comments. I set my 404 page to point to the wiki, can’t say the number of times I wanted to ask “Where did this page go?”, now my visitors can! Thanks to all have contributed to this great tool.

ZetaBoards Documentation Project

ZetaBoards Documentation ProjectDokuWiki is the best wiki for documentation, hands-down. We are using it to provide our 1-million-plus users with a complete manual for their free hosted forum from ZetaBoards (formerly known as InvisionFree). It was easy to skin, has tons of features, and is very easy to use. It’s perfect!

We’re using the custom auth option to integrate the whole thing with our support forums, so people register once and have a global account that works everywhere. It was easy to integrate a couple plugins as we needed them, and even to hack the code ourselves. Everybody should have code as well documented as this!

The ZetaBoards Documentation Project

Conforama Polska

Polish branch of French retailer (domestic appliances), 160 employees. We were looking for a simple wiki system for internal documentation and a direct communication between stores and the headquarter. After 3 months of exploitation we have already more than 160 pages and 1600 modifications.

Goshen Public Library

Public Library in Goshen, NY. My first step with DokuWiki, once I figure it out, now that it’s running, is to set up a staff portion to the website, for things like policies and other commonly needed material. Instructions on our Event Calendar, Departmental communication, and so on.

The CMS for my homepage

I use DokuWiki as CMS for my homepage, and as my favorite place to store technical data about my servers.

Great work, thank you!

Guadalinex Development

We use DokuWiki as collaborative documentation tool for Guadalinex Distribution development. Guadalinex is a very easy gnu/Linux distribution focused in normal-home-(no-tech)-users, sponsored by Andalusia (Spain) Local Government (Junta de Andalucía)


UnisSon est un Wiki permettant aux utilisateurs de créer et de réaliser des projets de concerts, festivals, et autres évènements faisant intervenir des groupes, des musiciens et des artistes de la scène française de la libre diffusion.

Le principe d’UnisSon est du reste assez facilement compréhensible: le réseau des salles de concert est relativement totalement verrouillé (!). La plupart des groupes en libre diffusion galèrent comme des ânes pour arriver à faire, bon an mal an, une poignée de concerts “valables”. Malheureusement, ils ne sont pas seuls dans ce cas: de nombreux (d’innombrables!) groupes, SACEM ou non, sont confrontés aux mêmes difficultés.

Nous pensons sincèrement que nous avons, en commun, les capacités, la motivation et les compétences requises pour étendre le modèle de la libre diffusion en ligne au spectacle vivant de qualité, pratiquement de service public après les déboires DADVSI et compagnie!

Merci DokuWiki!

DaFun Spirit Software

DFSS est un CMS pour équipe de joueurs de jeux en réseau type Counter Strike et toute sa doc repose sur DokuWiki ;)

DFSS is a CMS for Network Team of FPS like Counter Strike and its doc is made with DokuWiki

We currently use DokuWiki as an internal documentation system for discussing the features to include in various builds in our software for massage therapists.
We are also currently in the process of populating a second install for use as our customer FAQs.

ROSE Online FR

DokuWiki is very great! I use it with the PunBB bridge for my community

For my DokuWiki, I use a lot of plugins and a little modification of arctic template.

thx for all ;)

University of California at Santa Cruz - DokuWiki is used by several units on campus for documentation needs as dictated by a slowly centralizing IT organization. A fantastic tool for knowledge storage and collaboration.

Tiscali Telekomunikace CR

In Tiscali Telekomunikace CR (czech) we are using this great tool for internal knowledge base of our Server team and team of Network Operation Centre. Many thanks to Andreas Gohr.


Turkey’s Foundation for the Training and Protection of Mentally Handicapped Children (ZICEV, acronym in Turkish) is using DokuWiki as the main engine behind its web site: We have created a special template for the site and added a number of features such as automatic template switching for two different languages, a news management system, a web form for sending email using the browser and many more small tweaks to increase the security of the site. Feel free to go visit and send us comments. I should not that the English content is not yet fully in place, but we are working on it.

The best aspect of this deployment is that Foundation member who are not very knowledgeable about computers have been able to edit and revise content, which made it possible to get very useful content into the site very quickly. Also, the Access Control features are absolutely amazing. We can give our volunteers restricted access to specific pages for content revisions, translations and more.

Unfortunately, most of the modifications are quite site-specific, so it’s a bit difficult to find things to commit back to the project. We are trying our best to find components that can be contributed back though.

I am using DokuWiki as a content management system (CMS) for my site. I am also using the sidebar extension available from here. There have been a number of changes for security purposes (beyond simple configuration - code changes) including removal of inappropriate buttons, etc. I have also been able to integrate it with a MySQL database I use for review (movie/book/restaurant) display and manipulation. I have also tied in the administrative components for MySQL into the “Admin” feature (not visible to web site users).

Great product! Come have a look at my site

The Heuristic Squelch

We’re a humor magazine based at the University of California Berkeley. We’ve just started using DokuWiki as an online history and guide to the magazine for readers and future editors at Online copies of our magazine can be read at Thanks for the awesome free software! nowled

The OpenIllusionist Project

OpenIllusionist is an open-source library for the rapid development of video augmented environments. It incorporates video capture, image processing, automatic calibration, agent-based infrastructure, threading and inter-agent messaging. We’ve switched the website over to a modified DokuWiki that integrates with our layout and can therefore use it to easily modify any of the main pages as well as use it for OpenIllusionist documentation. Also added a feature that automatically generates the documentation and downloads section of the hover menu (sidebar) from the corresponding Wiki contents pages.

Enéas Fonsêca Pinho

Eu utilizo o DokuWiki para gerenciar minha base de conhecimentos em meu computador pessoal. É uma ferramenta fantástica e possibilita que eu faça relacionamentos entre os meus conhecimentos de forma inusitada e automática. Estou conseguindo aos poucos customizar o programa mesmo sem ser expert em computadores. Genial.

eJVM: An Embedded Java Virtual Machine

We used DokuWiki as a collaborative scratch pad for our graduation project it was smooth and handy:-) - a wiki for German speaking bicycle users

This wiki was created as a place for the members of the German newsgroup de.rec.fahrrad - but anyone is welcome to contribute. Based on DokuWiki with a number of modifications and the “gallery”-plugin (see for examples).

Toledo No Existe :: information about underground music and culture in Toledo (Spain)

Wiki where you can find information about music bands, shows, people, culture and everything related to underground scene in Toledo (Spain).

Wiki donde puedes encontrar información sobre grupos de música, conciertos, gente, cultura y todo lo que tenga que ver con la escena underground en Toledo (España).

Knowledge Engineering Group -- Research Projects

Knowledge Engineering Group, Computer Science Laboratory, Institute of Automatics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Electronics, AGH-UST Research Projects. DokuWiki holds documentation for several research projects carried out in the department — it works great!

Babaluga - Rudi Bruchez

I’m a consultant / contractor in Paris, in database and free software. I built my site in DokuWiki, the best and more flexible wiki engine I’ve seen yet. Wonderful to put code snippets. Thanks for the great job !

A couple of CMS styled sites in Greek


Hitflip is a social media trading network. Our members trade DVDs, CDs, Books, Games etc. We use DokuWiki as a knowledge base for our support operators, to document IT features for marketing, and for storing pizza delivery menus. We couldn’t work without it anymore!

Wiki Tai-Chi is a Spanish site about the Chinese internal martial arts.


Puntal est un mini portail sans prétention pour les forums PunBB dont la doc repose sur DokuWiki.

St John the Baptist Episcopal Church

We’re using DokuWiki to run the website for St John’s in Perth, Scotland. Amongst other things, the ACLs and namespaces allow a separation between official clergy-”approved” material whilst providing a separate area for members of the congregation to say whatever they want too.

arweb it solutions

We use DokuWiki all over the place, for documentation, information management, flexible yet nice-looking websites and so on. Great work guys, keep it up!


Yep - we use it to organize ourselves. The wiki is placed in our Intranet - or better: it is the Intranet! For documentation of workflows and to organize standard-documents. Everyone has access to read an to change them.

Crossfire RPG

Used to replace zwiki,

Prosecutor’s Office, USA

We are a large District Attorney’s office on the Gulf Coast of the United States. We installed DokuWiki as an intranet and hope to use it to consolidate all of our information. With most of our city still in chaos after Hurricane Katrina, we hope that DokuWiki will help us to consolidate a great deal of rapidly changing information into one place.

Arnaud Fouquaut, France

I’m using DokuWiki for my personal website (in French). I’m a very happy DokuWiki user. Thanks a lot :-)

J’utilise DokuWiki pour mon site personnel (en français). J’en suis très content. Merci beaucoup :-)


I use DokuWiki to manage good fly-in destinations in and around Switzerland. Private pilots can share experiences about good airfields with friendly personnel, comfortable hotels, great restaurants and other things that make a destination worth a visit.

DokuWiki is easy to set up and easy to use. Everything needed its there, nothing more. Great job!


[en] DokuWiki is real good open source tool that helps the enterprise to keep up the files and documentation organized easily. Great job. Congratulations!

[pt-br] DokuWiki é realmente uma boa ferramenta código aberto que ajuda a organização a manter seus arquivos e documentação organizados de maneira fácil, Ótimo trabalho. Meus parabéns!

Rafael Lopes IT Manager

I’m using DokuWiki as the blog/CMS for my technical website. I like the ACL features, this lets me collaborate with other users in a controlled way. I am using a modified version of the Artic theme that works on IE (IE 6.0 seems to have some problems with inheriting properties). I’ve also made some mods for SEO purposes. My previous experience is with PmWiki (I’ve looked at a lot of other CMS too) and Joomla. PmWiki uses flat files for the content, templates are much easier to write but integration with existing CMS/Blogs is harder. Caching is also a weak point of PmWiki. Joomla is a bit of a nightmare for a technical documentation site with lots of interlinking, it may be good elsewhere.

I’m using DokuWiki for my personal wiki, for keeping notes and documentation that’s useful to me (and hopefully to others as well).

We’ve just set up our website using this excellent tool, and look forward to lot of fun collaboratively maintaining it.

See this for some techy details on what we’ve done.


We have selected DokuWiki for internal documentation and coordination in ScrollBar ran by the Party Committee of the IT University of Copenhagen and are very happy with it so far, particularly its namespaces/ACL capabilities. :-)


The German Unix User Group (GUUG - wiki at uses DokuWiki as internal planning and documentation wiki.

On DokuWiki is used as a CMS and private knowledge base. I really like the namespace-hierarchy, the ACLs, the media-manager, the good to maintain code and that I can edit the contend with vim if I want. I’ve got a very small summary of wikis I used (including of course DokuWiki) and hosted a BOF about wikis on the SANE 2006.

We are quite happy users of DokuWiki. Especially appreciated is its access control list capability: we use it as a group coordination tool, and we like its extreme flexibility. A recent improvement was the installation of the gcalendar plugin - way cool!


I’m using this as a knowledge base for things I had to figure out the hard way.


DokuWiki is the first wiki software I use - only tried one other product in my search before choosing it. After some initial problems in the setup I was amazed with the ease of adding content and updating the pages. Though, inherently, the wiki concept has its limitations, certainly for some projects its just real neat. Like it!

I am using DokuWiki to set up a semi-private website on legal issues around network industries:

Ich verwende DokuWiki zum Aufbau einer halb-privaten Seite auf der ich Gedanken zu Rechtsproblemen der Netzwirtschaften sammle:

DokuWiki as PIM

When I was looking for a wiki engine to set up a personal information management system on my local computer there was something in DokuWiki’s interface and look and feel which made the mark against other systems. And of course the fact that there’s no need for a database is a great surplus. Since Esther Brunner has developed the blog and tag plugins, I could think of no better software for my personal needs. I recently also started to use DokuWiki as an internal workspace with university students, who in the vast majority had no experience with a wiki or any other CMS before. Seems that some of them are beginning to like it.

Sloterdijk Dental Clinic

Sloterdijk Dental Clinic-Amsterdam, uses DokuWiki on it’s intranet to facilitate all sorts of processes ranging from inventory to protocols. uses DokuWiki for keeping online documentation about the Mandriva GNU/Linux OS. Thank you for this great piece of software.


ON24 Online furniture shop in Estonia, Finland and Germany. We are using DokuWiki for internal knowledge base. It works really well.

George Mason University

 George Mason University

I am in the process of helping one of the professors at GMU (George Mason University) integrate DokuWiki into CS 306 - Ethics and Law for the Computing Professional. This course requires a ton of group projects as students must design a legal case with all the research, witness statements, etc and then argue a case as a mock lawyer. I just completed this course and set up a DokuWiki for my group and we found it to be invaluable tool which gave us an edge over the other groups. I am now working with the professor to set up an installation of DokuWiki on a GMU server to allow the groups to have their own private sections of the wiki protected via ACL. Hopefully, this will drastically change the group dynamics of this course. If you are looking to integrate DokuWiki into your classroom and want a couple of pointers, I can be reached at: pnaudus [at] gmu [dot] edu is a German page about EAC (ExactAudio Copy). It's a guide about how to configure the program EAC.
DokuWiki was perfect for realising this… :)

Musicworks Magazine Musicworks is an experimental music and sound art magazine based in Toronto, Canada. We’ve been around for almost thirty years, and are one of the few magazines who cover this kind of content (others are Signal to Noise and the Wire). We’ve been using DokuWiki for internal issue planning, a procedures manual, and a semi-public page for writers, advertisers, and others directly involved with the magazine. — David McCallum 2007-01-02 21:24

Blackfin Linux Port

Blackfin Linux Documentation

The Blackfin Linux port uses DokuWiki for all of its documentation needs.


We are currently using DokuWiki for our internal documentation and development work. Once we have the product in the wild, DokuWiki will form the basis of the support pages used by the users.

DM2 Software, Inc.


We are currently using DokuWiki for our internal documentation. We tried several other methods, both paid and free and found DokuWiki to best meet our needs.

Alex Inox

I use DokuWiki for private collaboration with friends. It’s great software!

As my hosting cooperative is having technical problems these days, I’m borrowing some temporary space here: glossaire galactique temporaire Andi, if you don’t mind!


Wiki Used by students of e-Commerce on the University of Gdansk to swap notes, experiences and such.

Valentina Database

Wiki Used to provide documentation of Valentina database product line by Paradigma Software, Inc. I use DokuWiki for a number of sites as a CMS and it is the best web software I have ever seen. The best is you guys rock, fixed a bug I filed in 2 weeks…

Neoveská družina

Neoveská družina is a Role Playing Game party of a few people from South Moravia, Czech Republic. We use DokuWiki as a blog and for purposes connected to creation of our realm for our adventures and other RPG stuff. héberge les encyclopédies libres des villes du monde.

Site : is a free OpenID provider based on Joomla framework

Site :


A system to register students for academic courses. Created and run at MCS University, Lublin, Poland.


Symplus Bio Wiki

Symplus started a Bio Wiki by using DokuWiki. This site is open to all scientists and researchers in the field of bioscience and biotechnology. And some plugins for the either general or lifescience purpose.

PengYou Project

The PengYou project enhances the day-to-day management of your collaborative projects: * Collaborative work from multiple users on the same document. Versions from different users are secured on the PengYou server.

* Integrates within your usual office application (Microsoft Office and

* An open source project: Evolution and development possibilities are unlimited. powered by DokuWiki host the documentation of the PengYou project. is just a personal website with some information about cars and electronics.

Auburn Water Polo

Auburn Water Polo is a website for the water polo team at Auburn University.

Blood and Shadow

Blood and Shadow is a European World of Warcraft guild. Its website uses DokuWiki and contains public informative material and interactive pages for members.


Hlad is a students’ wiki cookbook (Lang. Czech). uses DokuWiki to provide a nice environment for programming and scripting stuff.

Greater Talent Network, Inc.

Greater Talent Network Greater Talent Network is America’s leading exclusive speakers bureau and lecture agency, exclusively representing celebrity speakers including famous authors, journalists, politicians, entertainers and leading business executives. * Installation and configuration was a SNAP. (Using both Apache and Lighttpd) * DokuWiki is simple to manage and integrates nicely with Active Directory. * Some great plugins allow rich media embedded in pages. (A GREAT feature for us entertainment types!)

Greater Talent Network’s intranet is proudly powered by DokuWiki.


Songs in Esperanto.


Click here to visit the website
Many thanks to those who helped creating DokuWiki. I love the ease of use. Thanks::Rob van Eijk


Closed Wiki used for organizing and doing official English to German translations for official documents of Infinity - the Quest for Earth, a MMO in development, heavily driven by community contributions.
German page about growing cannabis, thank you for development this wiki…

Community site dedicated to humanoid robot building. Very active forum and hopefully the new DokuWiki will soon be populated with cool robotics stuff (April 2007)


Wiki about Wireless Networks and free Networks (WLAN, Wifi) in German Language using DokuWiki as Wiki-Engine. WLAN-Wiki

Cityclopdia is a free-content wiki about cities around the world. Here visitors can add information about their hometown (or any town) such as its history, current and previous mayors, sports teams, local television, dining places more.

Licq is a free client for ICQ and other instant messengers on Linux. aims to provide a German infopage for the project.

Faluzure Wiki

Faluzure Wiki is a wiki page for my friends and me. We use it for RPG or other things. :-)

Programación, por Tecniferio

Programación, por Tecniferio will be a wiki written in Spanish about markup languages, programming languages, servers, databases, and any other tools related to this topics. It won’t be publicly open by now, but I’ll decide on it in the future.

SCHMAUSER Precision GmbH, Intranet

We at are using DokuWiki with monobook-template for intranet knowledge base, later on for quality-management and documentation. We picked DokuWiki because it is so easy to set up, config and administrate and can be accessed everywhere! Thank you! — Martin Feldmann 2007/05/31 15:00


Rangerwiki is a growing encyclopedia of the Power Rangers universe, featuring full episode transcripts with screencaps, in addition to varied articles and diverse information on the franchise. DokuWiki was chosen due to its ease of installation and wealth of extensions.

Schneefangsysteme: Spenglerei Kling GmbH is a metal roofing company who is using DokuWiki. We are a manufacturer for snow retention systems and sliding clips for metal roofs.

ShTiRLiC’s Home

Another one homepage made with DokuWiki (completely in Russian). I’m just bored of all this stupid slow CMSs like Joomla and PHPNuke where more bugs than functions, so I choose DokuWiki for my site. It’s pretty lightweight and easy to install and use. Lots of plugins on homepage and it’s easy to create new.

On my site you can find some music tracks (composed by me), videos and stories (in Russian).

DanielCK’s Notepad

My Notepad is an online notepad for me to note down random thoughts, ideas or brain-storming on various topics while I am online.

CTI Development

We at CTI are using DokuWiki for internal documentation for a project that may involve overseas contractors. The project is primarily PHP, so I started with PHPDocumentor and created some DocBooks files, but DokuWiki blows that out of the water. I absolutely love it.

PA Virtual Charter School

At PAVCS we use DokuWiki for our “Teacher’s ToolBox

The fact that DokuWiki is PHP, and uses a file system (instead of a DB) made it perfect for our hosted server. The editor’s interface made it great for our “not so technical” staff members. Although not limited to, we use it primarily in the IT dept. as a collection of “howtos” and manuals. We love the ease of use and the fact that we now have a central repository for all our documentation. And since the editor is so easy to use, our regular teaching staff has begun expanding it out to contain group bookmarks, teaching tips & tricks, etc.

Athaj's DokuWiki farm

Plenty of instances launched for various purposes:

Simply like it.

EU Project “Autonomic Network Architecture”

We have been using DokuWiki since January 2006 to organize our project. The wiki is not public, but there is a public web page at

If we find time, we will also switch over the public web page to DokuWiki (currently running Joomla CMS).


Quintiq is a leading provider of advanced planning, scheduling and supply chain optimization software solutions. We’ve been using DokuWiki internally since September 2005, and have now ported part of the internal wiki to an external customer support portal that we intend to grow over the coming years. The wiki isn’t public, but you can get a brief impression

Library of Sages

This site holds information for a Dungeons and Dragons setting and its campaigns. Still being developed but I have found the DokuWiki to be easy to edit and the Monobook template very useful. Looking forward to seeing updates to DokuWiki.

Is there an URL where we can see the information? — Christophe Gragnic 2007-07-13 06:47


Wikiposon is a scientific Wiki dedicated to the Transposable Elements (main genomic components of eukaryotic genomes). Wikiposon is readable for everyone, but only registered users can add/modify information.

Shrewsbury School

We use it to keep our system documentation - and will move our User docs, and other material on to it too.

My personal notes about TYPO3 CMS development… Coming soon - DokuWiki hosting on

National Theatre Sound Department (UK)

We were looking for a tool to write a collaborative manual for our Sound Studios; DokuWiki is so good it’s rapidly turning into the place where we keep all our documentation for everything we do. Thank you for creating such a brilliant piece of software.

Beekeeping Project - Opensource Aparian Software

Team Beekeeping project use DokuWiki for documentation !

* Website : * Forum :

Save the Bee !

Benedikt G. Kroll

I am using DokuWiki for my personal web site:


????????????????????????????????????????????????? HTTP://WWW.TWEDUTEST.COM/DOKU/

Perl Module: IBM::LoadLeveler

I am using DokuWiki for the documentation for a Perl Module to interface to the LoadLeveler batch scheduler software

Absolutely Nothing is more important than a bit of fun :!

I am using DokuWiki in my intranet for real serious purpose…

But I use it too just for FUN on my private page :! this one is from one of my friend : - Answers all tech questions

TeqEdge is designed to answer the most frequently asked technology related questions. We do not require users to register, pay or donate to view the contents of this site. If you wish to ask questions or suggest new articles for this please register using TeqEdge Forums (running on PHPBB).

Table of Contents:

Seladang E-Fan Soccer Club - Perak Darul Ridzuan Soccer Talk - Skor Yob Skor

We’re using this wiki for our Perak FA Wiki (Malaysia) as a references for the soccer fans. - lessons and resource site for guitarists

I’m using DokuWiki for several sites like - a guitarist resource site (Norwegian), - jazz guitarist resource site. I’ve opted for DokuWiki because of the ease of editing, adding and integrating content - compared to CMS applications like Joomla and so on. When Wikipedia is overkill, DokuWiki is the best of all of the PHP based open source wikis, and I’ve tested all of them. I also use DokuWiki offline on my local machine as a personal notebook / diary (easy with the apache2triad WAMP).


OhostWiki ist das user wiki für den kostenlosen webhoster Ohost.

San Jose State University Engineering Computing Systems - Documents many of our system fixes, projects, and other info.

Rosetta Translation

Rosetta Translation Agency

Rosetta Translation, a leading translation agency that specialises in legal translation and interpreting services across all major European and Asian languages, have recently installed DokuWiki as an internal knowledge base. - recommended for a personal site/blog - personal site.

Les chemins de Lokoti

L’association Les chemins de Lokoti est une association loi 1901, partenaire de l’association camerounaise Lokoti, dont l’objectif est de participer à l’amélioration des soins de santé dans l’agglomération de Lokoti au Cameroun. - use DokuWiki for my personal site about GPS, Hiking and Holiday on island´s

ORF-Enterprise - Great Tool for internal documentation!

feedbeat - online webTV CMS

We’re using DokuWiki for a flexible, user friendly and dynamic documentation of our tool.
The cool thing is the user interaction within static knowledge. This often helps to find solutions for problems never expected :).

To present the art works of the German artist Rabemann and his gallery like oil paintings, artist books, printings and his thoughts around his nice art we use DokuWiki as a very fine CMS system.

Encyclopedia Rhydinica

Encyclopedia Rhydinica - A wiki for a roleplay realm. I found this engine and have been extremely happy with its performance. Thanks so much for coming up with this great wiki-engine.


SFBAY WIKI - A community wiki for the San Francisco Bay Area. The goal is to ultimately be a great resource for community information

BIGACE Web CMS - Online Documentation

docu.bigace.de_public_system_images_bigace_logo.jpg A community wiki for the documentation process for the Open Source Web CMS BIGACE. BIGACE is a PHP and MySQL based application and we searched a long time for a good wiki, that fits into this environment. Visit the BIGACE Website, its Forum or the Wiki Documentation. DokuWiki is the best Wiki engine available! Thanks for building, enhancing and supporting this great program.

Lila Center is the homepage of the community based icon theme “Lila”. More than icons are included. Want to help us complete the theme? Then register at and on and contact me (see here).

Glass-Theme is the homepage of the community based icon theme “Glass”. More than icons are included. Want to help us complete the theme? Then register at and on and contact me (see here).

One Shore

One Shore

One Shore is a software QA services company that builds, manages, and hosts open source applications for software development and testing organizations. DokuWiki is one of the supported applications and is the recommended wiki solution for our clients. We maintain a wiki of testing tools and techniques on our website at

One by One

One by One is an international organization that encourages dialog about the personal consequences of National Socialism and the Holocaust.

The website has lots of text but few graphics, making DokuWiki the CMS of choice. Write access is limited to a small group of editors. The site is designed to look as un-Wiki as possible. ;-)

The custom template Tabular is based on Esther Brunner’s template Minima. Unlike Minima it doesn’t rely on CSS for the main layout, but uses a plain ol’ table to improve compatibility with older browsers. (The target audience of this site is not very tech savvy, some still run IE 4 on Windows 98.)

The site makes extensive use of namespaces and the sidebar plugin (included in Minima). It also uses Cache and Revisions Eraser, Hidden Comment Plugin and Form Plugin. If you have any technical questions, please use our contact form and select the radio button “Webseite”.

Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering, NTNU

We use DokuWiki to build our faculty home page. We have created at template to mimic the official look-and-feel of the university.

Little page with stories and maps to hiking and biking. (On German).

Georgia Institute of Technology - Budget Office (Private)

We use DokuWiki internally to keep track of everything from contacts on campus to notes on computer configurations. We also are using a calendar plugin to keep track of sick and vacation leaves for people in the office. Using the command line interface, we also push out all our log files from our cron machines to the wiki.

Sieve.Info is a wiki site that attempts to gather documents, implementations, notes, ideas and any kind of information regarding Sieve. Sieve, RFC 5228, is a language for describing the filtering of e-mail messages.

CodeAlias.INFO is a place where, some friends and I, publish technical notes that we write from time to time to document something related to our work and research in the field of Information Technology (mainly Networking and Operating systems.), most articles are focused on Wireless networks, network security and network performance.

Personal Page and School Database

DokuWiki ist just the right system to store all those snippets that were lost in my thoughts or on my hard disk, it is a really easy to maintain platform to present lots of pictures - and working with the system at school gives pupils easy access to lesson content and an option to ask questions. All pages are in German, and I won’t change that in the near future. Thanks to all the developers!

private page - read only Information and Working Place for my pupils

Reines Sein Wiki

Reines Sein Wiki: A German Wiki about consciousness and excellence. Uses modified Monobook Template.

Praktische Selbsthilfe Wiki

By the same team of authors as Reines Sein Wiki:

Praktische Selbsthilfe Wiki: A German Wiki about comprehensive precautions, practical solutions and self-help. Uses modified Monobook Template.

HB archivistes, s.e.n.c. We use DokuWiki with the prosimii template by haran. HB archivistes, s.e.n.c. specializes in record management.

Site web de HB archivistes, s.e.n.c.

LuchoWiki —- My college has been so nice to allow us the (superb) CS students to set up our own server under college cyberspace. Initially starting as an information manager for my Operating Systems and Network courses and workshops, DokuWiki is now expanding to become my main Point of Presence in the web.

Being a Latin-American student, pages are mostly in Spanish, but I’m developing a DokuWiki section with plugins and patches that will, most probably, be entirely English. Translations to Esperanto are also underway.

Superlative thanks to DW staff. —- ‘‘ryan.chappelle’’ (2008-02-10)

Grombleton uses DokuWiki for easy website maintenance. The Arctic template and a few good plugins - with a little bit of modification and tweaking - does the trick building the base for our collaborative creative projects and provides a place to put our stuff. -Ion (2008-02-18)

???WIKI ?DUKUWIKI???. (2008-02-19)

Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand

Unfortunately this is an internal Wiki, so no external access is possible. It is used for internal process documentation and collaborative client liaison management. Love it!

Andy’s Debian Wiki

My personal wiki with my collection of Debian HOWTOs uses DokuWiki. It’s great. :)

Seiichiros HP

I run my personal website about Linux and mobile Linux devices on DokuWiki, its really great, easy to use and customize! Feel free to visit me at

Joachim Uhl internal HP

Using DokuWiki for internal documentation (network, projects, plans, howtos and so on). Using it on a NSLU2 server with apache2. It’s doing a great job. It’s fast, easy to use and very powerful.

Delhi Dekho

It is a small wiki about Delhi, India. Capturing all information about Delhi. Delhi Dekho Website


Information site for Japanese TOEIC examinee. ???????TOEIC


Spanish IT Consulting firm specialized in software solutions. We use DokuWiki to document our internal operating manual with basic procedures on how to do day to day work. We also use vtigerCRM and have a small Spanish wiki for this product on our site vtigerCRM Spanish wiki


INTERVENCIONES is a festival of art in public space located in Guia de Isora, Tenerife, Islas Canarias. The project page is made with DokuWiki. More information at - Kostenlose Bilder von Leipzig und Umgebung


Vielen, vielen, vielen Dank an die Entwickler von DokuWiki!


distrACT! is an open community in the sense that you are welcome to participate in whatever form or magnitude most suitable to you; it is reliant of your contribution.

Our goal is to encourage creativity on the Internet by providing Internet service pro bono. We believe that no one, especially the likes of poets, writers, musicians, and artists, should have to travail through the instability of poor quality service providers for a venue of expression.

Above all, we believe that the Internet will become a better place if we all offer what we can to help.

Simple Invoices .org :: Simple Invoices is an open source web based invoicing application. we recently switched our main website to use DokuWiki. Also our existing wiki has been running DokuWiki for ages

Happy Electronics

Software and mind machine

NDC|VBK documentation site

We have been using DokuWiki @ndc|vbk ( ) for our internal ICT documentation since 2006 (1200+ documents), recently everyone in our company (approximately 2000 employees) got read/write access. I also recently implemented a WYSIWYG editor ( which helped in the process of preparing the wiki for a larger audience.

thanks for a great product, hoberion



Guida erasmus a Madrid. Storie di vita erasmus, informazioni su Universita’, tutto quel che c’e’ da vedere a Madrid e dintorni con foto, mappe e racconti. Alla base c’e’ il progetto di concentrare l’esperienza erasmus collettiva per renderla fruibile da quanti vogliano visitare e vivere Madrid al meglio.

Also available in English: Welcome to the newly English version of guidaMadrid. This site is intended to be a primary resource for erasmus students all over Europe to exchange information, hints and tips about spending one or more study semesters in Madrid.

The idea is to build a collective experience of Madrid, not only from an academic point of view (what to study? where to go?), but also on the day-by-day experience (problems and solutions) and the ‘touristic’ view of Madrid and Spain in general.

The goal is to render a live picture of Madrid from your direct experience to share with those who will come next and will have the same questions you had.

Ferienwohnung-Mallorca ist ein Portal rund um Ferienwohnung auf der liebsten Urlaubsinsel der Deutschen: Mallorca. Da die Seite zum gröten Teil aus informativen Texten zum Thema bestehen soll, war ein Wiki-System ein logscher Schritt - und DokuWiki wegen seiner Einfachheit und dem Verzicht auf Datenbanken einfach ideal.# ä


We are claim adjusters and use DokuWiki for our staff both internal as external that needs information about procedures and policies that was formerly in a booklet with single pages. It works perfect!


It’s people; it’s you, and everyone around you. Weedee is a global directory showcasing the world. It is a movement, a channel, a means of recognizing people.

DokuWiki was perfect to complement our concept. It works beautifully with the rest of the website.

Weedee - Find anyone, anywhere



I’ve been running a website for a number of years in Toronto, Canada… and the HTML maintenance was getting tiresome. Instead, DokuWiki has been just great. The site was originally on a Pentium II/Windows XP platform and is now running at the VPSville hosting service on an Ubuntu Server Linux platform. The original objective was to host the extensive (family) photo collection, and who knows, the server may become a demonstration photography site.

vmb-music is a small homepage for a musician + DJ (trance / electro / progessiv / techno / pytrance).

Saving Milton Country Park

In the first half of 2007 we ran a campaign to save Milton Country Park. As part of the campaign we had a public web site but for the campaign organizers we also had a private Wiki, created using DokuWiki, on which we recorded everything to do with the campaign: draft press releases (which we revised and reviewed via the Wiki), media contacts, campaign ideas, viral marketing leads, in fact everything to do with the campaign. The public web site included an online petition and using the <PHP>...</PHP> tag we were able to include figures for total sign ups as a page on the Wiki.

The cam.* FAQ Wiki

The cam.* Usenet newsgroups are for people living in or interested in the city of Cambridge, England. Some years ago we moved the FAQ from single HTML page to a Wiki based in PhpWiki however it had become increasingly fragile so in August 2008 we migrated the FAQ to a new Wiki at using DokuWiki.

Planebruch in Brandenburg, Germany

A local community in Potsdam-Mittelmark is starting the virtual network The people who brought you this are happy DokuWiki users already, as one can see at and

Space Shuttle Mission 2007 - Community Wiki

SSM2007 wiki

Aimed for the Space Shuttle Mission community - this Independent Project has chosen DokuWiki for it’s ease of use and simple configuration.
The wide array of plugins and themes with the simple administrative tools bundled with the Wiki gives the community a stable base to build on.

Thank you DokuWiki team :-)

Warsztat Bobera (Beaver's workshop)
My projects, “home patents”, electronics, moped, palmtops, DIY, ideas etc - now I can work on it together with my friends from every place in Poland. And, in future after installing translation plugin, all over the world.

Great, robust wiki. Thanks, DokuWiki Team. Igor

The New York Internet Company (NYI)

We use DokuWiki internally for all of our documentation purposes, anything from code documentation to troubleshooting guides to hashing out corporate policies.

ENEXIS Kft .: Domain-Hosting, Hungary

We are providing domain and hosting services to our clients in Hungary, we are using DokuWiki to communicate with our clients and in our internal documentation processes as well. Szia Gábor!

Open Knowledge

DokuWiki site in educational use at the University of Split.

Wiki @

DokuWiki is being used for the encyclopedia-like section of the scientific project. Just perfect as a reference library.

Bitmap World

Bitmap World is a webcomic that parodies many genres and pop culture in general. It is very geek-oriented, focusing on a lot of computer-related puns and jokes. It also has the distinction of being created primarily using smileys which you can find on internet chat rooms and forums.

We have used DokuWiki for our strip's wiki/story database which includes information on the characters, strips, cultural references, and other information. The ease of use allowed us to build the wiki rather quickly, even though we had dozens and dozens of pieces of information to initially put into the system.

The design of the Wiki utilizes a pre-existing theme that was modified to fit in with the “retro-computer” theme of the strip. The site makes extensive use of plugins, including the BBCode plugin which allows ease of use for some of our more less tech-savvy readers, as well as the Discussion plug-in which allows our readers to give us feedback on the information, as well as letting those who are not comfortable updating the wiki still leave comments and information.

We are extremely pleased with the functionality and user-friendliness of the system. We looked at dozens of wiki programs and tried using several different systems on the site with little success. We were about ready to give up on the idea of a wiki all-together when we stumbled upon DokuWiki. I'm so glad we gave it one last shot. We are so pleased with it, we are looking to utilize it as the backbone (CMS) of another site we run which we are currently overhauling and redesigning.

Software Translation - Yazılım Çeviri

I am really happy to use DokuWiki for my website. I could not image how it was very easy to build. Thanks for the contributors.

i-net software website

Our company uses DokuWiki as CMS since 2009/01. To modify it accordingly some plugins had to be developed - some of them offered for free.

University project

We use DokuWiki for our university project and we are very happy with it. When looking for a good lightweight wiki, DokuWiki is THE wiki to use.

Soluciones Tecno-Profesionales, S.L.


Soluciones Tecno-Profesionales, S.L. is a Spanish IT company which uses DokuWiki to improve knowledge sharing among their employees.


Lederpedia contribution & idea of Ledertechnologie


DokuWiki seems to be the best and easiest machine for spreading of knowledge information to a community!

Free encyclopedia about leather, leather terms, leather technology, leather care, leather cleaning, leather processing and leather manufacturing in German language.

DokuWiki ist eine ausgezeichnete Maschine zur Verteilung von Wissen und Informationen an eine Community!

Eine freie Enzyklopädie und Informationsseite über Leder, Ledertechnik, Lederbegriffe, Lederpflege, Lederreinigung, Lederverarbeitung, Lederherstellung und Ledertechnologie.

www.lederpedia.de_media_playground_screenshotlederpedia.jpg Lederpedia



I use DokuWiki as a personal home page, In fact many users do not know that DokuWiki can be easily used as a personal home page wiki, use a good template and you get a full featured, easy to use wiki. Please try it and post a link here, people should know about DokuWiki great capabilities. My web site: here



Is a Spanish project to develop free software video games.

opensim.mydyn.de_opensim.jpg ist eine große, deutschsprachige Wissensdatenbank (Wiki) und offene Netzwerkplattform für die Open Source Software OpenSimulator die auf der von Linden Lab entwickelten Second Life Technologie mit der Programmbibliothek libsecondlife basiert und es ermöglicht unbegrenzt eigene, virtuelle 3D-Welten zu erstellen, Avatare beliebig zu verändern, Länder zu formen und Scripte, Texturen, Sounds und Animationen hochzuladen, zu gestalten und zu testen, sowie sich mit anderen OpenSIM-Servern zu verbinden um gemeinsam eine riesige virtuelle 3D-Landschaft zu gestalten. OpenSim ist möglicherweise die grundlegende technologische Basis für die Entwicklung eines erweiterten, zukünftigen 3D-Internet, einem virtuellen Raum im Metaversum.

German Language DokuWiki about Open Source Software “OpenSimulator”, which you can operate your own Second-Life-alike 3D-Simulator for free.

xj3 engineering

xj3 engineering is a cooperation of small Dutch companies.
The Dutch Robotic Sailing Team has one goal: a transatlantic race for autonomous sailing vessels. Fan Site is Czech fan site about online web game using DokuWiki. Game is about Second World War.

Greenbird is my personal homepage. It's mainly about my electronics project, but it also contains some other stuff.

Portal Taurino - Enciclopedia

www.portaltaurino.com_images_portaltaurino.jpg it's our online encyclopedia dedicated exclusively to bullfighting.

LLengua i Tecnologia is a site dedicated to Valencian language providing tools and services for encouraging its use and learning.

Diego Urrutia Astorga's Wiki

Diego Urrutia Astorga's Wiki is my personal homepage. It's mainly about Airsoft guides.

Ubuntu Gamers Arena

Ubuntu Gamers Arena, a wiki to contain Linux related game documentation.

FreeNOS - Free Niek's Operating System

FreeNOS is an experimental microkernel operating system for learning purposes, licensed under the GPLv3., local ISP in Czech Republic.

"La Sapienza" Linux Users Group


We are a LUG in Rome, Italy. We were born inside the university “Sapienza Università di Roma”. We spread FOSS philosophy and DokuWiki fits our needs to have several areas of the wiki undisclosed to spammers. Thanks!

UK Rivers Network

The UK Rivers Network is a community group in the UK using DokuWiki to decentralize our 10-year-old website, which is now a mixture of DokuWiki and “ordinary”. We haven't quite finished implementing DokuWiki yet, but we're really pleased with the way it's working so far. It's so simple and yet so powerful. Thanks to everyone who was worked so hard to develop this superb tool.

Williamson Street Grocery Co-op

We are a medium sized grocery cooperative in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. We use DokuWiki on our intranet server for almost ALL documentation, meeting minutes, and planning. This wiki consists of 4800 pages requiring only 15MB of storage.

We also use DokuWiki on a public facing wiki site for our board of directors. They use it for their documentation, meeting minutes, and document storage.

DokuWiki is fast, efficient and extensible. It has been serving us well for almost four years.

Logencon Personal wiki collecting notes and stuff. Lightning fast via DokuWiki's excellent keyboard shortcuts.

This wiki is used on private website to store data about hiking on the French Riviera.

Many thanks to the DokuWiki team :)

Communicate (New Zealand IT Meeting Wiki)

The Communicate meeting website is happily running on DokuWiki.

Big thank you to the DokuWiki team :)

LBackup (Backup Website)
The LBackup website has been running on DokuWiki since 2007. DokuWiki is great. Thank you to all of the people who contribute to this project.

This site is in Simplified Chinese This wiki is for the 1980 generation Chinese young people to share their knowledge on the histories and current status of Chinese view sites. 80万里路资料库为中国的80后一代提供一个平台,让大家分享关于中国各个景点的历史与现状。

Linux, Mac and software development tricks in German

Tried a lot of wikis, but DokuWiki won the race. We use DokuWiki since 2005. Thanks for this great software and also thanks to the people providing all those nice plug-ins!

Small OpenSource/Knowledge-Base Website of Axel Werner, Freiburg/Germany presenting scripts, sources, solutions and tips about Linux, Windows, Networking, Administration and Stuff. web hosting and design is a DokuWiki based website that (tries to, I just started ;-)) sell DokuWiki based websites and hosting. Mijn Fijne Site is a Dutch site targeted at small companies in The Netherlands. I believe that DokuWiki is ideally suited as 'CMS' for small company websites.

Natschlaeger und Partner is a dokuwiki based homepage.
We want to propagate knowledge management (dokuwiki) for everyone!

PKUinfo è un sistema aperto e collaborativo per la raccolta e pubblicazione veloce in stile Wiki, nato con l'intento di promuovere la diffusione di informazioni sulla Fenilchetonuria (PKU), che permette ad ogni utilizzatore di aggiungere contenuti, ma anche di modificare i contenuti esistenti inseriti da altri utenti. Sito personale di uno sviluppatore web contenente notizie, tutorial, discussioni e materiale di supporto


Well designed, ez to customize, good plugins. dokuwiki is the best!

IT v Praze - Czech site about IT jobs in Prague. Prague is capital city of Czech Republic.

NaR Wiki - Czech fan site about strategics browser game Nadace a Rise.

Atlas Initiative Group

img683.imageshack.us_img683_3337_screenshot300wide.jpg A community working together to change the face of our economic future by ridding the world of the corrupt blood thirsty monetary system. Join the community and learn about how a Resource Based Economy can and will be our future and how you can help shape it. There is no doubt that the monetary system will fail, the only real question now is, will we have to fall to total destruction and famine before a new system can take its place or will we be intelligent enough to evolve our way of thinking in time to save our species from mass destruction on global scale?

Gandi's Wiki

Base de connaissance pour l'aide aux clients de la société Gandi (noms de domaine, hébergement).

Documentation on all the products and services provided by Gandi.


vbPDF is the only class for Basic language (Visual Basic 6.0, VB.NET, VB 2005, ASP, PowerBasic) that allows you to create documents PDF from any application without using any OCXs or DLL or other external library: only pure standard language.


The Synchronet open source cross-platform BBS software project is using dokuwiki for its new documentation site.


RedMimesis an open source flat file database (site only in italian for now).


Darwiniana - Czech Carnivorous Plant Society Darwiniana - Czech Carnivorous Plant Society

Web is in Czech language, some pages are in English.

Thank you for DokuWiki!

Stopari scout troop from Prague (web is in CZ lang.) Many thanks for this wiki and also for work on plugins, skins etc. ;]

Academy for Praxis and Theory uses dokuwiki and is very satisfied. APT is an art-project and an accumulation of science related interpretations of some possible worlds.

Djangos Dokuwiki

Deutschsprachige Wissensdatenbank rund um Linux (CentOS), Wetterbeobachtung, Netzwerk und Sicherheit. Dokumentation zu Installationen von Asterisk, Mailserver, Netztwerkdiensten unter CentOS und VDR sowie Informationen zum Thema Praktische Kryptographie unter Linux/Centos - Sicherheit- und Vertraulichkeit.


Die Interessengemeinschaft der Funkamateure Siebengebirge e.V. betreut die digitalen und analogen Amateurfunkrelais auf dem Großen Ölberg im Siebengebirge. DokuWiki verwenden wir intern für unsere aktiven Mitglieder. So haben wir stets den Überblick über die gesamte aktuelle Konfiguration der Anlagen, können die Entwicklung dokumentieren und unsere zukünftigen Projekte planen.

Misc by atrent

DokuWiki is used here for space / art / culture community projects, where basic layout combines with fact-based content for an unpretentious appearence, with easy-of-use for easy community participation:

I have two installations, both pretty well for personal use:

www.baldwinsoftware.com_images_tonybaldwin-infow.jpg - my personal site with poetry and music and stuff.

and, mad jedi fu wiki, this on a server in my home/office, where I keep a personal log, grocery & todo list, notes, all editable from anywhere, including my phone, so very handy.

tony baldwin 2011/05/04 16:19 is a Spanish-language site which offers simple explanations and solved math exercises. Uses dokuwiki as the engine to sustain it all.


Glossary of terms and documentation about OpenQuestions, the leading open source software for exam publishing.


says thank you! i just donated 5€ to dokuwiki for keeping things easy and not using a databases.

things should be copy & paste easy!


Site about me and something else.

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