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Line 1: Line 1:
 <code bash>​xzcat b.xz | mysql</​code>​ <code bash>​xzcat b.xz | mysql</​code>​
 +<code bash>​mysql pluginrepo</​code>​
 <code sql>​select uid,​dt,​value,​count(*) ​ <code sql>​select uid,​dt,​value,​count(*) ​
Line 17: Line 22:
 from popularity from popularity
 where `key`='​version'​ where `key`='​version'​
 +and `dt` between 1429205349 and 1431797350
 and `uid` in ( and `uid` in (
 select uid select uid
Line 24: Line 30:
 and `dt` between 1429205349 and 1431797350) and `dt` between 1429205349 and 1431797350)
 group by value;</​code>​ group by value;</​code>​
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