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URL Schemes

DokuWiki allows linking to external URLs but only to known protocols. Which protocols are allowed is setup in conf/scheme.conf or conf/scheme.local.conf respectively.

The following protocols are supported by default:

  • http
  • https
  • telnet
  • gopher
  • wais
  • ftp
  • ed2k
  • irc
  • ldap

To allow any other protocol you will need to add the protocol to your conf/scheme.local.conf (create it when non-existing). For example to allow local links you add file to your conf/scheme.local.conf.

Examples of recognized urls

DokuWiki recognizes only external urls with schemes followed by ://. Two samples of external urls recognized by with the upper configuration are:


How direct to already configured programs

The restriction to <scheme>:// means that when you use it to open a program you cannot only provide an address, but you also need to provide user and domain details e.g xmpp:// But normally you don't want to provide these details, because the program is already configured on the computer of the user.

When you like to use urls with only an address, you need urls where the scheme is followed by only a : e.g. Such urls are possible in DokuWiki by creating an interwiki link. For example, the default interwiki configuration let you use:



See also


Support for URL schemes containing ''+''

Does dokuwiki support URLs with schemes which contain +, e.g. the svn checkout URL svn+ssh:// (after svn+ssh has been added to conf/scheme.conf? — krichter 2015-05-02 18:11

Which actions are necessary after an entry has been added to ''conf/scheme.conf''?

I realized that after adding an entry to conf/scheme.conf actions seem to be necessary (when I edit the page and press preview the changes are recognized, when I reload they're not - but that's not the main point, a statement whether actions are necessary (none might be necessary and the behaviour a bug) and which would be appreciated).

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