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tips:timezone [2021-01-16 09:27] – [Timezones for users] Dr-Yukontips:timezone [2022-06-22 04:02] (current) – clarify that local.protected.php may need to be created, as I had to do for my wiki
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 ===== Edit DokuWiki Conf ===== ===== Edit DokuWiki Conf =====
-To set the correct timezone edit ''conf/local.protected.php'' and add the line:+To set the correct timezoneedit ''conf/local.protected.php'' or create it if it does not already exist. Add the line:
 <code php> <code php>
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 </code> </code>
-Make sure to put the modification after "<?php" if it was already there or just add it like this:+The modification goes after "<?php"if it is not already thereit can be added as follows
 <code php conf/local.protected.php> <code php conf/local.protected.php>
 <?php <?php
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