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Table Editing

Editing tables in DokuWiki can be quite difficult, especially when your wiki contains a lot of them and/or big ones. There are several ways to help you.


  • edittable provides a visual table editing and inserting interface
  • fckg WYSIWYG editor.
  • The CSV plugin has the advantage that you can link directly to a CSV file (e.g. a Google Spreadsheet file). extension

There's an extension, calc2dokuwiki, to export to DokuWiki format from Calc.

Manual way

You can edit tables by editing externally by converting to and from CSV files that can be edited by programs like Excel. Converting can be done by search and replace of ^ and | in any text editor, maybe your CSV editing program also allows to define the cell separator as ^ or |. Note that you should have empty cells at the start and end of each line since DokuWiki needs ^ or | there - defining empty cells should result in separators at the “visible” start and end of lines. The rest is copy & paste (via a text editor).

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