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Aspell Personal Wordlists and Release 2005-07-13

Since I had such a tough time getting this to work, I thought I'd document it, in case anyone else would like to implement it. Yes, it's much simpler in later releases of DokuWiki, but not everyone can upgrade whenever they want.

I'm going to assume that you've gotten Aspell 0.60.3 for Win32 working, by following the directions here. I'm also assuming you're running on Windows, with Internet Information Server (IIS). These instructions seem like they should work on other systems, but I can't guarantee that.

FIXMEThe gentleman who created and hosts the Aspell 0.60.3 for Win32 package is revamping his website, so we may need to find a new host for it.


There are several edits that need to be made in this file.

  • At line 73, insert;
var $personal = null;
  • At line 89, delete the following line;
  • At line 105, delete the following line (Yes, it's supposed to be the same.);
  • At line 129, insert the following;
         if($this->personal != null){
             $this->args .= ' --personal='.escapeshellarg($this->personal);
  • At line 164, insert the following line (Yes, the same line we deleted twice.);


  • At line 61, insert;
   $spell->personal = DOKU_INC.'conf/words.aspell';

DGM2 2006-03-02 23:19

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