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 +My <del>first</del> **second** ;-) attempt at hacking DokuWiki, so apologies for any rough edges or bad coding practices!
 +I ( l u r c h (at) d u r g e (dot) o r g ) wanted to be able to filter the list of recent changes by username (the wiki installation I've setup is only accessible by registered users), and I found it surprisingly easy :-)
 +Before making the changes below, make a backup copy in case it doesn't work or you make a typo which stops your wiki working :!:
 +  - Edit ''inc/changelog.php'' and update **function _handleRecent** to support filtering by user. Change <code>function _handleRecent($line,$ns,$flags,&$seen){</code> to <code>function _handleRecent($line,$ns,$flags,&$seen,$user){</code> and then inside the function just before <code>  // filter namespace</code> add the following two lines <code>  // filter user
 +  if (($user) && ($recent['user'] != $user)) return false;</code>
 +  - Still in ''inc/changelog.php'', update **function getRecents** to support (optional) filtering by user. Change <code>function getRecents($first,$num,$ns='',$flags=0){</code> to <code>function getRecents($first,$num,$ns='',$flags=0,$user=''){</code> and then change  <code>$rec = _handleRecent($lines[$i], $ns, $flags, $seen);</code> to  <code>$rec = _handleRecent($lines[$i], $ns, $flags, $seen, $user);</code>
 +  - Still in ''inc/changelog.php'', update **function getRecentsSince** to support (optional) filtering by user. Change <code>function getRecentsSince($from,$to=null,$ns='',$flags=0){</code> to <code>function getRecentsSince($from,$to=null,$ns='',$flags=0,$user=''){</code> and then change  <code>$rec = _handleRecent($lines[$i], $ns, $flags, $seen);</code> to  <code>$rec = _handleRecent($lines[$i], $ns, $flags, $seen, $user);</code>
 +  - Now we need to edit ''inc/html.php''. Find **function html_recent** and then just after the line that says ''global $ID;'' add the following <code>$user = isset($_REQUEST['user']) ? $_REQUEST['user'] : null;</code> Then scroll down a few lines and change //both// the getRecents lines to say <code>$recents = getRecents($first,$conf['recent'] + 1,getNS($ID),0,$user);</code> (i.e. append '',0,$user'' to the argument lists)
 +That's it! Now you can filter the list of recent changes page by appending a user=//<username>// parameter to the URL e.g. ''?do=recent&user=myusername'' to show just changes by ''myusername''. Without any user parameter specified, it displays recent changes by all users, just as before.

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