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Links to DokuWiki commands

You can simply append the command ('login', 'register', …) as url parameter to the page id in a normal internal link like e.g. [[:start?do=login|login]] becomes login.

For DokuWiki versions prior to Anteater (2010-11-07)

DokuWiki commands like login, register etc. are usually available through buttons in the interface. If you want to display them as links in your text you can add an interwiki namespace (file: interwiki.local.conf)

do     ?do={URL}

in conf/interwiki.local.conf. You can then write links like


and it will show up as an interwiki link: revisions

If you configured interwiki links to open in new windows, your 'command' links will open in a new window too :-|

Pike 2005-Apr-29

E-Razor: You'll have to use these lines when not using mod_redirect:
do     ./doku.php?do={URL}
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