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How to create user homepages

DokuWiki can be configured using user links to a user's personal wiki page. Additionally the ACL rights for these user pages can be set precisely to your wishes.


The showuseras config setting can be set to “User's full name as interwiki user link”. Setting this option will display all the usernames in the wiki with a link to the user:<loginname> page. The default location of the user page can be modified via the interwiki configuration.

ACL for user pages

The access permissions for the user pages can be set with some configuration lines. The Access Control List (ACL) of DokuWiki can handle two placeholders %USER% and %GROUP%. The placeholders are replaced by the loginname or respectively the group of current logged-in user. This allows to define generally with some lines for all users the wanted read and write access.

Currently %USER% and %GROUP% cannot be used via the Config Manager. Therefore you need to manually modify the file conf/acl.auth.php to add the lines using them.

Tip: Create first the desired line for one user page using the Config Manager. Next you modify the user page config line by replacing the loginname by the %USER% placeholder.


# Additional lines for conf/acl.auth.php :
# user can modify/delete his/her page
user:%USER%:*          %USER%  AUTH_DELETE 
# all logged-in users can read the user pages
user:*                 @user   AUTH_READ

More about ACL and wildcards, with examples at: ACL User wildcards.

Prefilled template

You can create a template page, which is put in the edit window when an user creates his/her user page. Here you can suggest some minimal content you like the user completes.

See at namespace templates how to create your namespace template. When you create a template for the default user:<loginname> pages, you want to create e.g. user:_template.txt via your filesystem.

Tip: When you like modify the namespace template via the browser, you need the plugin Templatepagename. This plugin let you configure via the Configuration manager a page name that is recognized as template page. Default c_template, but of course you can choice your own name.

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