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cgalo typo
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gholk to allow user:%USER% page, AUTH_DELETE is needed
Line 19: Line 19:
 # Additional lines for conf/acl.auth.php : # Additional lines for conf/acl.auth.php :
 # #
-# user can modify/delete his/her page+# user can modify/delete page in his/her namespace
 user:%USER%:         %USER%  AUTH_DELETE  user:%USER%:         %USER%  AUTH_DELETE 
 +# user can create/delete his own page
 +# (AUTH_EDIT is not enough, because page is not exist before)
 +user:%USER%            %USER%  AUTH_DELETE
 # all logged-in users can read the user pages # all logged-in users can read the user pages
 user:                @user   AUTH_READ user:                @user   AUTH_READ
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